Pontoon Ski Tow Bar – Transform Your Pontoon Boat

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Pull Tubes and Skiers from Pontoon Boats

With a nickname like “party barge” it’s no surprise that pontoon boats are designed with in mind, and among the many pontoon boat accessories you might enjoy, having a tow bar for watersports is a must-have if you want to maximize that fun. But pontoon and tri-toons often need a little bit of assistance to create the fast, smooth tow that’s ideal for skiers, wakeboarders, and tubers. Luckily, for every problem there’s usually a solution. In this particular case, the solution is the TurboSwing. Unlike other towing products, the TurboSwing is Tube-Rated™ meaning it can safely handle pulling multiple tubes.

Universal Tow Bar for Pontoon Boats

Regardless of the make and model of your pontoon boat — or whether it is a pontoon or tri-toon — TurboSwing provides a universal fit for outboard-powered boats. TurboSwing’s patented design keeps the tow rope away from the pontoon’s outboard motor and out of the wake to reduce drag. Its EZ pulley system adds to the smoothness of the ride, and won’t affect a pontoon boat’s turning abilities.

Like many boats with outboard motors, it’s often difficult to narrow down the best setup for the different forms of towing watersports. Many pontoon boat owners turn to ski pylons or wakeboard towers to solve this issue, but both options present challenges of their own. Since most pontoon boats include a bimini top, there’s not always room for a wake tower to be installed. These boats are also created to maximize space onboard, so the addition of a pylon might take away from the entertainment space on deck. Mounted onto the transom, the TurboSwing is a tow bar that’s able to save that space yet fit naturally into the pontoon boat design.

turboswing towing wakeboarder

Ready to Tow Any Watersports Rider

If you own a pontoon boat, then your main focus is probably centered around providing the best experience for your guests onboard—this includes allowing them to get active in watersports like skiing, wakeboarding, wakesurfing, kneeboarding, and tubing. To do this successfully, you’ll want to ensure that you can give them a nice ride that they can enjoy. If you don’t have a TurboSwing installed on your pontoon, accomplishing this might be difficult—and here’s why.

Without TurboSwing, your tow rope may be tied to the back of your pontoon boat at a point that’s fairly close to the surface of the water. This low tie-off point constantly pulls the rope — and you — downward. For example, when you jump or hit a large wake, the rope is at a downward angle and pulls you back down almost immediately. There’s also a possibility that the rope could get caught in the turbulence behind the boat, making it much harder to maintain a smooth ride. TurboSwing is a great fix for a situation like this, because it raises your tie-off point. You’ll quickly notice a difference as you’ll see more air when you go off the wake during tube rides or watersports runs. And your tow rope will be well above the water, so there’s no chance that it will get caught up in the wake.

pulling tubes from pontoon

Fast Installation

When it comes to any sort of accessory that looks to enhance your boating experience, durability and ease of installation are always critical. TurboSwing is constructed of 316-grade stainless-steel, which ensures that it will not bend or break. This means you can tow heavier skiers and other objects without fear of damage or loss. Meanwhile, the pulley system and discs are made of Delrin parts that are strong and self-lubricating, allowing for a full range of motion during the action.

Installation can be done completely DIY and can be finished in a matter of minutes with a few basic tools. This is a refreshing change considering that most other types of tow bars, including ski pylons and wake towers, commonly require professional installation and structural reinforcement — that, or many hours and a lot of willpower.

Mounts to Transom to Save Deck Space

Some of the most beloved features on pontoon boats are the spacious layouts and creature comforts you can find onboard. Unlike center consoles or runabouts, guests can move around and find areas to relax with ease. You may have one guest sunbathing forward, while five other guests are sitting aft watching as a friend water-skis behind the boat. Another benefit of pontoon boat design is the extensive amounts of storage space — which every boater knows is invaluable. You don’t want to lose any of that space to a tow bar, do you? The last thing boaters want is to install an item that might take away from this benefit. But installing a ski pylon or other pontoon tow bars often means sacrificing a certain amount of space on the boat. Unlike ski pylons, however, the TurboSwing is positioned on the exterior of the boat, piggybacking on the mounting equipment of the outboard motor. There’s no space lost inside the boat itself, whatsoever.

It’s easy to see how opting for using the TurboSwing will save you space on board, but what about when you’re off the boat? There’s nothing better than diving off your aft swim platform into the cool water on a mid-summer’s day. And although it may be easy to jump from your boat into the water, it’s a whole different story trying to get back onboard. This is especially true when there happen to be waves to contend with.

Having sturdy rails and a durable swim ladder can make moving to and from your pontoon boat convenient for almost anyone, but with a TurboSwing positioned around your outboard, you might begin to worry that it could cause your pontoon’s transom to look a little overcrowded. Between your outboard, your swim ladder and now the TurboSwing, is there enough room back there for everything to function properly? You betcha. It’s common knowledge that boarding a boat from the water, especially after a swim when you’re tired, is never easy. But you can breathe easy — the TurboSwing’s design accounts for this, and doesn’t get in the way when it’s time to re-board.

turboswing and swim ladder

The bottom line? No matter how you look at it or what details you consider, in every way possible the TurboSwing is the best type of tow bar possible for a pontoon boat. Use our Configurator to find the TurboSwing model that’s right for your pontoon boat:

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