Perfect Pairs – Valentine’s Day 2020

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Perfect Pairs – Valentine’s Day 2020

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Peanut butter and jelly, nuts and bolts, salt and pepper, Masterpiece PBS and Sunday nights – some things were just meant to go together! From the classics to the very latest on AETN and PBS, check out our top 10 perfect pairs this Valentine’s Day.

Arkansas and PBS go together like Sidney and Charlotte.

10.) Sidney and Charlotte

It’s hard to think of someone who draws up a better love story than Jane Austen, and – along with classic couples like Darcy and Lizzie, Mr. Knightley and Emma, Edward and Elinor, Henry and Catherine, Capt. Wentworth and Anne, Edward and Fanny – #SanditonPBS’ Sidney and Charlotte have our hearts and (we’re convinced!) each other’s.

Arkansas and PBS go together like Miss Terri and Barnacle Bill

9.) Ms. Terri and Barnacle Bill

Aboard the “U.S.S. Rhythm,” Ms. Terri and her faithful sidekick Barnacle Bill – the culinary whiz who later went on to helm “Barnacle’s Galley” – were the ultimate sea-faring pals! Whether we were learning “Oh, Susanna” or “Yankee Doodle” on an adventure, this classic Arkansas pair was always in perfect harmony.

Arkansas and PBS go together like Sherlock and Watson

8.) Sherlock and Watson

Sherlock and John are living proof that even the best of friends can hear “Punch me in the face,” as subtext whenever you talk. From sleuthing together to taking the fall for one another, the dynamic duo from 221 B ensures that while their life may take surprising turns, they’ll rarely be bored.

Arkansas and PBS go together like Miss Polly and Salvador Dilly.

7.) Ms. Polly and Salvador Dilly

Rolling down the rails on the caboose of “Sketchpad Special,” Ms. Polly and the much-mustachioed conductor Salvador Dilly explored the world around them. With conversations about what they saw and what they were going to draw, these travel companions were centerpieces of Arkansas’s classic programming and many memories!

Arkansas and PBS go together like Mary and Matthew.

6.) Mary and Matthew

They might be distant cousins, but we don’t care. You can’t convince us that there’s a more perfect “Downton Abbey” couple than Mary and Matthew. Surviving the ravages of heirs’ deaths, World War I, financial ruin, the Spanish Flu epidemic, obnoxious newspaper barons, partial paralysis and countless schemes – both upstairs and downstairs – there’s only one thing that can part this charming couple. And, no, we still can’t talk about it.

 Arkansas and PBS go together like Bob Ross and Happy Trees

5.) Bob Ross and Happy Trees

Bust out your Phthalo and Sap Green, and get ready to paint some happy, little trees. Bob Ross – the mellow man who became everyone’s art teacher – taught us all that these sweet saplings didn’t just represent a style of painting. His landscape techniques also represented a life philosophy that’s inspired a cult-following!

Arkansas and PBS go together like John and Phyllis

4.) John and Phyllis

John Philpot and Phyllis Speer have been in the kitchen together for decades, and this pair can definitely take the heat! From “Arkansas Outdoors” to “Cooking on the Wild Side,” John and Phyllis have been cutting up – literally and metaphorically – and cracking us up along the way.

 Arkansas and PBS go together like Julia Child and Butter

3.) Julia Child and Butter

She taught Americans how to cook and believed in the power of blowtorches, never apologizing for your cooking and driving toward your dreams – no matter your age. Julia Child also believed in butter. The mistress of French cooking advocated for butter in sauces, in desserts, for seafood, for entrees, and in and on bread. Although, if you’re afraid of butter, you can use cream instead.

Arkansas and PBS go together like Mister Rogers and the neighborhood.

2.) Mister Rogers and the Neighborhood

When he disliked what he saw on television for kids, Fred Rogers created a world that promoted what he believed children needed most: love, friendship, respect, individuality and honesty. With “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” and the Land of Make Believe, he met us at our level and shared important lessons, becoming someone who we could trust and rely on in the process. Now, across the nation and generations, America’s favorite neighbor has left a huge community to continue his legacy.

Arkansas + PBS = Love.

1.) Arkansas and PBS

We’ve been partners for more than 50 years, and – as AETN becomes Arkansas PBS – only our name is changing. With the programming, partnerships and community events you know and love, we’ll continue serving Arkansas with the most trusted content for many decades to come.

Who makes up your favorite PBS pair? We’d love to hear who and why in the comments!

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