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1989 Sea Ox 200 Center Console

The 1989, 200 Center Console is a 20.25 foot outboard boat. The weight of the boat is 2300 lbs. which does not include passengers, after market boating accessories, or fuel. The max rated horsepower of this boat, as listed by the manufacturer, (according to records we have) is 240 hp. When repowering, it is best to verify this information for the sake of safety and to ensure that your insurance company will cover you.

Seems that some execs from Grady White decided to split off and make some boats on their own. They started North American Fiberglass and made Sea Ox boats. Made in the same tradition as the Grady White’s, these babies are tough. Overkill in the manufacturing process made these things practically indestructible and expensive to build.

Sea Ox Boats were built by North American Fiberglass in Greenville, NC from 1977 to 1992. The well known designer Bruce Collier designed this boat with a fairly deep v forward; tapering back to a 12 to 14 degree dead rise makes it comfortable and dry. At planning speed only the aft third of the boat seems to be in the water. As a result, she throws water abeam and aft, not up and forward to blow back into the cockpit.

There are 5 longitudinal stringers to stiffen the bottom instead of the more common three. The top of the stringers are gusseted to provide 20% more bonding area to the underside of the cockpit sole. The top of the center stringer measures a full 2 -1/4” wide!

Fiberglass plies are overlapped 6” in the keel area, which has six layers of 24oz woven roving alternating with 1 ½ oz mat, giving the equivalent of 12 plies, 13 including the skin layer mat. The hull Deck is strong too, which accounts for the initial, commercial law enforcement, attraction to this boat. First the two are lag-screwed together, then through bolted, then the joint is covered with the rub rail, which is again screw fastened every six inches. All deck fittings are through bolted.

The transom uses 2 pieces of ¾” plywood bonded together with glass: a layer of glass, then ¾” plywood then a layer of glass, then another ¾” plywood, then another layer of glass; A total of 5 layers to provide the strength needed for today’s huge outboards.

We put two boats-stern drive and outboard-through their paces on the choppy waters of Beaufort Inlet. At full throttle, both showed a fine turn of speed, and a steadiness of course. They maintained a good attitude at every speed, in any sea, providing a remarkably stable ride, with no tendency to skid across sharp turns. And they were dry.

North American Fiberglass Corp.
P.0.Drawer C, Dept. B
Greenville ,NC 27834

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1988 Sea Ox 20 Dual Console : gouliorc-clist@yahoo.com

I just bought this boat last week with a 1989 150 Johnson. It cut thru a 3 to 4 ft chop on Long Island sound this weekend no problems and topped out at 29 knots when things calmed down. I need to find some of the original owners info on this boat. I have no info other than the tag on the fuel tank reads a capacity of 79 gal and the transom tag shows a max HP of 240. Can any one give me any additional info or tell me where I can get a copy of the owners manual or prints of the boat?

20 foot D/C

I have a 85 20′ dual console sea ox with 175 Johnson Best boat I’ve owned, For a heavy boat equipped runs mid 40’s Got caught in the Gulf off Texas when a northerner hit. Ran head on through 8 footers with no problem-very solid

sea ox boats

My dad and I have a Sea Ox 230c (1984) Walk around Model. The boat is called the “Loan Shark Love” the boat for its ride, fishability, seaworthiness, and it is stable at rest. Former Grady White employers started Sea Ox and I think that is great. Sea Ox boats built by North American Fiberglass in Greenville, North Carolina from 1977 to about 1992 can not be beat. Very proud to have a Sea Ox.

Sea Ox Len Clayton gotboost200@msn.com

I have a 1980 20ft center console,200hp Merc, the thing is as said many times before a TANK, it’s the most overbuilt boat I think I have ever seen, and so stable at rest.

1982 sea Ox 230C

Just bought a 1982 230C with a 200 Johnson. Having owned a 2000 Grady White 226 Seafarer with a 250 Yamaha 2 stroke I am much happier with the OX. She rides much dryer and smoother. With a little cosmetic uplift and TLC I think I’ll have a great boat. I like this boat alot and look forward to many pleasant days on the water.

1988 Sea Ox 20cc 06/05/06 Monday 08:31 PM -Eric Cygan

I’ve owned my 20cc for about 5 years. I bought it obviously used but in perfect condition. I took it out of Rye Harbor, NH and sank it. I’m used to boats with 1 hull plug or 3 plugs, not four. Anyway, the boat flipped over but never went down (double hull) and a lobster fisherman towed me in. We somehow up righted the boat with a lift and a lobster trap winch and got it to the trailer. I noticed the missing brass plug, thanked everyone for helping me and quickly left. We replaced the spark plugs, added dry gas, thoroughly washed the boat and went fishing the next day. All the plugs installed. Tough, Very.

Sea Ox 20 C

Awesome boat…tough as nails. Dry ride and cuts through the chop like a red hot knife on butter. Only problem is my live well. With such a heavy boat and a 400 lb O/B, when I fill my transom live well, my scuppers drop too low and I take on water. I need to move my batteries up into the console. Other than that, I couldn’t be happier.

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