One dead after two swimmers enter Intracoastal Waterway in Deerfield Beach

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A man and woman were swimming Friday morning in the Intracoastal Waterway in Deerfield Beach when the man apparently drowned, an official said.

Rescuers were called at 8:42 a.m. to an area of the waterway between Deerfield Island Park and the barrier island, north of East Hillsboro Boulevard.

“Apparently they swam from the barrier island to Deerfield Island Park,” said Mike Jachles, spokesman for Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue.

The woman made several attempts to dive down and find try to the man, Jachles said.

Rhonda Tedeschi told WFOR-Ch. 4 that she was walking her dog when she saw the man’s head in the water as he bobbed up and down, and heard yells for help.

“Then I didn’t see the head anymore so I called 911,” Tedeschi said. “The woman was crying and she started to swim across to come back. And she kept saying, ‘I didn’t know he couldn’t swim.'”

Firefighters used a ladder to pull the 46-year-old woman up the sea wall on the barrier island. It took about an hour for divers from two agencies to find the man’s body, Jachles said.

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Two of that agency’s firefighters who are rescue swimmers jumped in to search for the man, Jachles said. Divers arrived in a Broward Sheriff’s marine patrol boat and in a Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue boat and pulled the 40-year-old man’s body to the surface, Jachles said.

The woman was in good condition when she was taken for treatment to Broward Health North in Deerfield Beach, Jachles said.

A police boat from Boca Raton blocked southbound vessels from entering the search area, he said.

Broward Sheriff’s homicide detectives and crime scene technicians and Broward County medical examiner personnel were investigating how the man died.

Bicycles and some of the pair’s belongings were left beneath a tree on the barrier island. The identities of the man and woman were not released.

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