NieR: Automata Guide: How To Ride Animals

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While moving fast certainly isn’t an issue for protagonist 2B in NieR: Automata, it doesn’t change the fact that she needs to travel some pretty long distances throughout her adventure. While she’ll be able to make her way through sections of the map easily enough, there is a faster way to do it for those looking to speed things up. This guide will show you how to ride animals that will help you do just that.

As you wander the game’s world you will undoubtedly see countless animals for you to potentially ride, but you can’t just go up to them and make them your new steed. You will need to have Animal Bait on you first in order to be able to ride them, and bait can be purchased at supply vendors and cost just 100 G. You will also need to buy the Satchet, which costs 1000 G and will stop the animals from attacking you or running away. Once you have these items on you all you have to do is go out in the open and look for an animal, which won’t take long as they’re just about everywhere.

When you’ve found the animal that you want to ride, go into your inventory and select the Animal Bait to use it. This will cause 2B to throw the Animal Bait on the ground, which should cause the animal to come over to it and eat it. Once the animal is done with its meal, you will now find that you can walk right up to it and hit the circle button to mount it. If you’re a trophy hunter, riding the animal for 5 kilometers will get you the Animal Rider trophy.

That should tell you everything you need to know about riding animals in NieR: Automata, and hopefully will make some of your longer journeys through the game less of a trek.

– This article was updated on March 8th, 2018

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