New key fob technology helps you track down lost keys

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New key fob technology helps you track down lost keys

Tile offers a tiny plastic fob that's tracked using Bluetooth technology.

If you spend way too long each day searching for lost keys, purses or kids, technology has come to the rescue. Two start-up companies have produced plastic fobs with Bluetooth technology that can be located using a smartphone application. Just clip the fob on your keys or kids and stop worrying (so much)., a San Diego company, raised more than $200,000 through Kickstarter to produce small Bluetooth tracking tags in a rainbow of colors. If you loose whatever the tag is attached to, the smartphone app will tell you when you’re getting closer to it. And if, for example, you left your keys (with attached tag) at a coffeeshop, your phone will alert you that you’ve moved out of range of the tag. Future tags will include an alarm that can sound to help you find the tag.

Another California company, Tile, offers a tiny plastic fob that’s tracked using Bluetooth technology. This one has the handy alarm function. The battery is not replaceable, which means the entire fob needs to be replaced about once a year. Tile raised more than $2 million in a SelfStarter crowd-funding campaign.

Both sell for $19.95.


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