Mercury vs Yamaha – Which Outboard Brand Should You Choose

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Mercury vs Yamaha – Choose the Right Outboard Brand for Your Boat

Are you facing trouble to choose the best outboard motor for your boat? Or Are you unsure between the leading outboard brands, Mercury and Yamaha, to decide which can be the right option for your boat? If yes, this page might help you. In this article, we would highlight the significant differences among the Mercury vs Yamaha outboards for sale. We hope it will help you to make a better decision.

It might not always be possible to go to a boat show near you to look and decide which outboard can be the best fit for your needs. Therefore, a single online resource that compares these top boat engine manufacturing brands can help significantly.

First, we would like to give you a brief about both the companies.

Mercury Marine

From a small machine shop in Wisconsin that started in 1939 to one of the largest manufacturers of marine propulsion systems in the world today, Mercury Marine has a long history to tell. The company manufactures powerful, efficient outboards, sterndrives, inflatable boats, and many marine accessories and electronics.


Founded in 1955, Yamaha Motor has been operating in multiple domains, such as land mobility, marine products, robotics, and more. Their powertrain technology implemented in the maritime field helps them build better boat motors and equipment that meets customer needs and desires.

Mercury Vs Yamaha Outboards

Before you make your choice, here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of both to ponder over:

Mercury Marine

Ranging from 2.5 to 600 HP, Mercury outboard motors are categorized as Verado, Pro XS, FourStroke, SeaPro, and Jet. Mercury Verado and FourStroke ranges of the V6 3.4L, V8 4.6L, V10 5.7L and V12 7.6L. The Verado outboards are fast, smooth, and powerful, with horsepower ranging from 250 HP to 600 HP. That means you get the best in class performance.

With faster acceleration and condescending fuel economy, the lightest V6 3.4L-Versions have some of the best features, like built-in electro-hydraulic steering units and advanced range operation (ARO) electronic management systems. All of these sets them apart in this segment.

Compared to Yamaha, the new Mercury V6 outboards claim to have achieved the same or better weight savings than an L4-Cylinder while hanging on to all the benefits of a V6 Cylinder configuration. The cost of Mercury outboards in BC ranges from $1,300 to $100k (V12).

After the V6 and V8 outboards launch, it is considered a great deal as a repower engine.

The outboard segment’s first 7.6L V12 600HP Verado engine is built with revolutionary advancements for smoother handling and better control. It has a never-before steerable gearcase and two-speed transmission. This ultra-powerful boat engine from Mercury delivers excellent range, smooth & quiet operation, and effortless handling in the harshest water condition.

Furthering the legacy of innovation of the Mercury Verado family, the recently launched V10 350HP and 400HP outboards deliver power without compromise. Again, the V10 series is the industry’s first in the segment that boasts innovative SmartCraft technology, advanced digital controls, efficient performance on 87-octane fuel, 5.7 litres of displacement, and minimized vibration, noise & harshness for a refined boating experience.


Yamaha also has a good reputation among anglers worldwide. The company provides different outboards for different needs. The range varies from Portables 2.5 HP to XTO Offshore V8 425 HP.

Yamaha’s F25 range is lightweight and feature-rich with optimized performance. Some notable features are the twin-cylinder, inline 432cc engine, built-in resting pads, and variable trolling RPM. You can find eight different F25 specifications of boat motors in this category.

The newly built XF425 is customizable as per your needs. It is Yamaha’s first fully integrated power system that has a big core, 5.6L V8 engine.

Key specifications of the XTO Offshore V8 425 HP engine are:

• A massive 90 Amp power-generation system (Mercury includes 150 Amp on 350-400)
• Large diameter XTO OS high thrust prop
• Power trim & tilt
• 5000-6000 recommended RPM range

Yamaha has resolved the thrust issues by letting the engine’s exhaust go out above the cavitation plate at low RPMs rather than the traditional exit via the propeller hub. The Yamaha outboards are available starting from $6000. The company also offers a Limited Factory Warranty on all its boat motors. Yamaha outboards deliver less differentiated engine technology for different purposes. The price range is from $1300-$69,000.


Outboard motors have grown substantially in features, reliability, and performance over the past two years. The best outboard engines offer the required speed, power, and efficiency while saving more energy and time. Hence, choosing the right boat motor is vital for any boater.

Mercury offers a broader and deeper range of engine and gear case technologies for different purposes. Their assortment provides a higher efficiency because their higher displacement lets the outboards run on a lower RPM with less weight. And the V12 can consume less fuel at the same distance than smaller engines. So, Mercury is currently at higher technology and innovation level, which mainly offers consumers and commercial customers a weight more differentiated along different boating needs.

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