Maui Surf Lessons

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Maui Surf Lessons

Frequently Asked Questions

Anywhere from 15-25% is the standard gratuity in the United States. Our instructors work diligently to give you the best experience possible on the water. If you felt your experience was top notch, one way to express your appreciation is by tipping your instructor.

We love seeing our guests, but we do not have a storefront for you to visit. For that reason, we ask that you use the directions we send to you via email with your confirmation. Please do not use Google maps to direct you to “Maui Surf Lessons” because your tour is on the water, not at our baseyard. Canoe and board surf lessons are conducted at at beach called Ukumehame which is approximately 15 minutes south of Lahaina, (on highway 30 between Kihei and Lahaina)

Traveling from Kihei: On your way to Lahaina, you will pass through the tunnel. Between mile marker 12 and 13 along HWY 30, you will see our truck on the Ocean side of the highway. Look for the “Maui Surf Lessons” Logo on the door. Do not go to the paved parking lot at Ukumehame Beach Park, we will be a quarter to half mile towards Lahaina from there. If you reach Olowalu General Store, you have gone too far.

Traveling from Lahaina: As you drive South out of Lahaina, continue on HWY 30 past Olowalu General Store. Ukumehame is between mile marker 13 and 12 along HWY 30. Meet your instructor at a vehicle with “Maui Surf Lessons” Logo on door parked on the ocean side of the road. If you get to the Ukumehame Beach Park paved parking lot you’ve gone about a quarter to half mile too far.

Our SUP tours depart from Makena Landing and Olowalu.

If you are running late or need further directions, please call (808) 442-7252

Due to the way the wind and waves pick up on Maui, afternoon conditions are typically not safe to conduct lessons. For this reason, we do not regularly schedule surf lessons in the afternoon. Occasionally when the conditions are calmer than usual, we open up late morning slots, but not more than a couple days in advance.

Unfortunately, we are not equipped to provide transportation.

Parking is available though it is seemingly unconventional on Maui compared to other places. Be prepared to park on the side of the road, not in a marked parking lot.

Credit card: If you made your reservation over the phone, your credit card number we have on file will be used to hold your reservation. Please bring a credit card to make payment the morning of your tour.

Money: for gratuity, reef safe sunscreen and merchandise.

Sun protection: We provide rash guards for use during your lesson which also serve as sun protection. If you choose to wear sunblock please consider caring for our beautiful ocean and reefs without harming the marine environment by choosing a “Reef Safe” product. We carry “Badger Sport” natural and organic sunblock which is available for purchase before your tour, just ask your instructor.

Towel and dry change of clothes: for after the lesson.

It’s a good idea for women to wear board shorts or some sort of shorts.

Surfing requires a significant amount of swimming to get to the break and new surfers are likely to fall into the water. Because life vests are too cumbersome to wear while surfing, we do require everyone participating in a surf lesson know how to swim.

All children are different and you know YOUR child the best when it comes to their comfort levels. Below are our minimum ages but ultimately its up to you to determine how your child is going to respond to being in the ocean. There is no minimum age for surfing, but there is an ability limitation. Kids must be comfortable swimming in the ocean and swimming a significant distance to the surf break. For children under age 6 we recommend booking a one on one private lesson.

There is no minimum age for SUP, but there is an ability limitation. All participants will be on their own board (not paired with a parent or instructor), therefore they must have the strength to paddle. Age 8 and older is recommended but if you would like to discuss younger please call.

The weather in Maui is constantly changing and is comprised of several microclimates. National weather websites tend to paint a forecast with a wide brush stroke without taking into consideration the microclimates. We closely monitor several localized weather forecasts so as to make the best decision about the weather before your lesson. On the morning of your lesson, our instructors head out to our surf location to check the wind and wave conditions. If they are not satisfactory, they will check a second location. Should we decide to relocate, we will call you and send updated directions. We do not cancel our lessons during rainy weather. You are going to get wet anyway right? We will, however cancel our lessons if the conditions are unsafe. High wind, large waves and lightning are examples of unsafe conditions. In this case you will be presented with the opportunity to reschedule for another day or cancel without penalty.

Due to the fact that our lessons sell out on a daily basis we have a strict 72 hour cancellation policy. If you cancel or change your confirmed reservation within 72 hours of scheduled check in time we will charge your credit card the full price of the tour. If there is a medical reason you need to cancel your lesson, please provide a doctors note and we will make an exception.

During busy seasons such as winter and spring breaks, we recommend booking at least two weeks in advance of your visit.

Yes! Give us a call and we would be happy to process over the phone.

The check in time for all lessons is the time listed on your confirmation email, you do not need to show up earlier than the ‘start time’. You might want to allow for additional time to find your instructor. The beachfront is not developed and you will be looking for our truck with logo on it, not a storefront.

We use this information to choose appropriately sized surf boards.

We provide free photos of your lesson! Some will be taken by your instructor as well as shots from the GoPro mounted on your board. Your instructor will email you a gallery within 24 hours.

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