Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine Fishing Report 2-13-14

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Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine Fishing Report 2-13-14

If the shoveling is getting you down, make it worth the price you pay by taking a hardwater holiday this weekend. Odds are that only the hardcore will be putting up with the latest one-two combo from Old Man winter, so you may find less harried hardwater. Looking ahead, there is a predicted thaw underway and with the ever-increasing strength of the sun, it might be just the antidote for the snow shoveling blues.

This 17.8-pound channel catfish was taken in North Brookfield, MA this week.

Massachusetts Fishing Report

Rod from Arlington Bait and Tackle said that anglers were stoked about catching one of the broodstock salmon which were recently stocked in Horn Pond as well as a number of ponds and lakes throughout the Commonwealth. No takers as of last check, but you may want to put in as much time at this as possible since in all likelihood this is the final stocking because the Atlantic salmon restoration project is being terminated. Set shiners just under the ice, and for artificials employ a flashy jigging spoon in the hopes of catching the eye of one of these speedsters. A warm-water species spot is the Upper Mystic Lakes where there have been 6-pound largemouth bass taken recently and jig junkies are pounding yellow perch.

Eric from Lunkers in Ashland told me of some crazy fishing for pickerel at Dudley Pond in Wayland. The flags were non-stop and some of the fish were respectable 23 to 24 inchers. Those with a craving for “calicoes” should go light and little with jigs/grubs and fish Farm Pond. Lake Cochituate is another water body which has been blessed with broodstock and the game is on. For largemouth bass spend some time in the previously mentioned Farm Pond as well as Lake Winthrop. There have been 4-pound-plus bass bested out of both of these lately. A trick for “Larry” which has been pure dynamite for me over the years is to trim the dorsal and one of the pectoral fins on the shiner and slather BioEdge wand attractants on the baitfish. While I’ve usually used smelt wand, the other day I did real well with the crab wand also. There is nary a word from Heard, but you have to give a nod to wherever northerns swim.

Eddie of B and A in West Boylston has been feeling like a weigh master lately. Eon Woods took a trophy 5.80 pound pickerel and his buddy, Matt Power, iced one of nearly 5 pounds; all “pin” fish from Glen Charlie Pond in Wareham. Many have been flocking to the Cape in order to take advantage of hardwater which had been in limited supply in recent years. Colin Mirles fished a little closer to the shop at Lake Cochituate but had similar results with a 4-7 pickerel as well as a 5-4 largemouth, both solid entries into the junior division of the state sportfishing awards contest.

Jim from Barry’s said only two pike were iced over the weekend at Lake Chauncy during the heavily participated derby last weekend. Now that the pressure is off and the thaw underway next week you may want to revisit that. You may also want to double down efforts post-thaw at A-1 and Lake Quinsigamond for toothies.

Jim from JCB said folks have been harping about Lake “Slownota”(Onota) but he has awestruck patrons who have reported almost uncontrollable screaming spools with no pike but plenty of palpitations to show for it. Pontoosuc has had similar reports, not a whole lot of whipped fish but some scary-bad near misses. Another place to slug it out with a pike is Dukes Pond. Most who fish Cheshire Reservoir chase pike but the few that jig catch a lot of nice perch. For trout target Plainfield Pond and North Pond.

The author took this fine bass after slathering a shiner with BioEdge smelt wand.

New Hampshire & Maine Fishing Report

If you listen to Clam pro-staffer Tim Moore from Suds ‘N Soda describe the white perch bite from Lake Winnipesauke, you’ll lament the season ever ending! Two-pound pig perch have been the rule from Center Harbor and Winter Harbor. Clam Ant Drop jigs loaded up with spikes or Maki Jami or Maddi soft plastics will make those jumbos notice. Expect to find plenty of 2 to 4-pound lakers near the perch so don’t go lighter than 6-pound line.

Joe from Granite State Rod and Reel Repair recommends Massabesic Lake for a real mixture of trout, with the nod also going to Cobbett’s and Canobie. Massabesic can also be exceptional for bluegills for the few that target them. If you crave crappie Joe suggests Pawtuckaway Lake, Mill Pond, Beaver Lake, Big Island Pond and Shadow Lake. For pike, Assabet and Concord rivers are where to go with the Nashua River best for black bass.

Dylan from Dag’s told me that there were about 2,000 pike landed from Lake Sabattus during the recent derby with a 20-pound specimen taking top prize. The shop is still carrying magnum-sized pike bait with some shiners closing in on 10 inches! This is a good thing because next week’s thaw may be just the catalyst to get the pike in Androscoggin Lake as well as the back coves of Androscoggin River on the feed. Turtle Cove is another top spot in the Andro. For smallies, drop a chartreuse Jigging Rapala over marked fish from the Range lakes, Norway Lake as well as Tricky Pond. For a little friendly competition week, set a course for Sebago Lake where togue is the quarry and a tournament with a ton of fun, prizes and other participants is the venue.

Best Bets for the Weekend

Remember the last two winters, when those from southern/eastern New England badly wanted a “real” winter so that they could ice fish locally? Does the expression, “be careful what you wish for, come to mind?” Make the shoveling worth it by setting up some traps for toothies from Lake Quinsigamond, the A-1 Site, Quaboag Pond as well as the oxbows of the Sudbury, Assabet and Concord rivers. Peruse the Masswildlife website to see where the salmon were stocked; it is now or never for these discontinued fish. Over the border, the white perch bite is ferocious among the bays of Winnipesauke and if you’d like to tug in a togue and just maybe some cool cash point your ride to Sebago Lake.

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  1. Henry Belrose

    Information on Maine fishing seems to be missing. I wonder why the state is paying the Fish and Game department for not getting any information out to the people. I wonder where to go to get information on he smelt fishing in Maine.

  2. Dave

    Anyone looking for pike, let me save you a trip. The only “toothies” in the A-1 are pickerel. Quaboag on the other hand…

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