Man Spots Giant Carp In Golf Course Pond, Quickly Realizes Hurricane Floods Left It There

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When Hurricane Harvey ripped through Texas in August 2017, many animals were displaced. Thankfully, good Samaritans helped these animals find their way home. Many cats and dogs were rescued from the floodwaters and reunited with their owners or given new homes. Rescuers also saved wild animals, including some surprising creatures.

One of the most unusual animals saved during Hurricane Harvey was a giant carp!

Texas resident Jeff Yuna spotted the carp when he was fishing at a golf course pond with his nephew and wife.

The golf course had flooded during the hurricane, and many fish were stranded in the floodwater, far away from their ponds and rivers. Yuna walked through the water, looking for bass and bluegill fish. Then, he noticed the giant carp. He and his nephew decided to try and catch the carp and bring it back to its pond.

“I told my nephew to catch it as a joke. I had no idea the fish was so tired from trying to get back to the pond that it would be so easy,” Yuna said.

Yuna’s wife Jamie filmed the carp rescue. The footage of Yuna saving the carp quickly went viral.

The video begins with Yuna’s nephew trying to pick up the stranded fish. His nephew tries to hold onto the fish, but it’s too heavy and slippery for him, and he accidentally drops it.

Yuna grabs the fish and carefully carries it back towards his pond. Once they reach the pond, Yuna gently puts the fish back into the water. The carp swims away, clearly happy to be back in his home!

Thanks to Yuna, this giant carp will get to live out the rest of his days in the pond where he belongs. Check out the dramatic rescue in the video below!

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