Live view muskies!

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Watch muskies chase (and attack!) baits with Humminbird Down Imaging

This is one of the most compelling Humminbird Down Imaging sequences you’ll ever see.

While musky fishing this fall, I had a sucker positioned just off my transom, and by using the Down Imaging Beam Width = Wide option on my HELIX 12, I was able to monitor the sucker as it swam beneath the boat. Things got interesting when a musky stumbled across the sucker, and started chasing him, a process that I monitored live, as it happened.

The first image was the musky’s first appearance, over a deep weed edge in close to 20 feet of water. The Musky chased the sucker around a bit; as the musky approached, the sucker swam up towards the surface, a sequence that repeated itself several times.

The second image shows the last time I saw the musky before it closed the deal. It must have moved off to the side of the boat for a bit, outside of the DI coverage area, before streaking in to hit the sucker. We sealed the deal with help from our reliable St. Croix Rods Mojo Musky and were able to slip this northern Wisconsin predator into our Frabill net. A quick photo shoot and back she went….likely to harass more suckers!


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