Leverage Stoic Philosophy to Build Your Personal Brand

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Our world is getting busier and noisier. It’s near impossible to stand out with Google and social media algorithms. A multitude of TV streaming services and social media rabbit holes seduce us and suck our time. How can we control our time and get our personal brand noticed?

Stoic Philosophy.

Stoic philosophy has become popular among the tech crowd and younger generations. It’s no wonder… the digital world can seem overwhelming and easily cause us to lose focus. Stoic philosophy focuses on the essential, the core, the here and now, and personal hardness. There is no pleasure or pain… there is restraint or indifference. There is a focus on virtue.

Modern Success is Stoic by Necessity

A big part of successful personal brands is the effort made showcasing success. People want to connect with others that appear successful, and we place more trust in influencers that seem to have “made it” in spite of insurmountable odds. We applaud their “grit” and focus. Often, successful people will talk of having laser focus to achieve their goals. They don’t get distracted. They put pleasures second and work first.

Everywhere Platforms for the Stoic Personal Brand

In marketing your personal brand, it makes sense to use tools like WordPress sites, where you control the messaging and capture interest by using email opt-ins, free ebooks, and link out to media sites like YouTube and your podcast platform. Since so many platforms are needed to tell your story and communicate your values, you must harness stoicism to keep your focus and find discipline throughout your day. Personal branding is a full-time job and there is no one more qualified to do it than you. You are the only company / brand you will have for your entire life. Focus on you and don’t forget the stoic tenet: “Memento Mori” (remember that you will die – live each day to the fullest).

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