LEER Truck Caps from the Truck Shop are the Best Truck Caps

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In the market for a new truck cap? Here at The Truck Shop, we know a thing or two about truck caps. We offer industry leading LEER truck caps for Chicagoland. They are custom fit, painted and can be ordered with an extensive variety of options to meet your particular truck cap needs. We are going to give you some of the top reasons to choose LEER as well as reasons to chose The Truck Shop to install your truck cap.

leer truck caps Chicagoland

For one, LEER offers a virtually seamless design which shows how precisely LEER has worked with major truck manufactures to get that seamless blend with your unique truck bed. Due to this incredible teamwork and collaboration, you can avoid cover-up techniques such as vinyl trim that many manufacturers use to hide unfinished edges.

There are also many exclusive LEER options including keyless remotes, removable and sliding front windows, sports and fishing packages, ceiling mounted nets and more. For example, The LEER 100XQ model is designed with smooth integration to follow your truck’s body lines. The premium cap features a frameless hidden hinge rear door, sleek one-piece tip-out side windows and an interior headliner-all standard! Plus, the 100XQ Sport comes standard with a built-in spoiler and keyless entry.

LEER also offers unmatched style. For all of you who want to get the job done simply, without sacrificing style, LEER is your cap. You can tell just by looking at their product line that their engineers and designers have a knack for looking for ways to improve your truck. For example, LEER’s famous high-rise profile features an oversized rear door with double T-handle locks and comes complete with large bay windows and screened, sliding windows.

And, here at The Truck Shop, we have experience with LEERs. In fact, we carry the top brands to outfit and accessorize all major truck manufacturers. We strive to provide experience and professional customer service to ensure our customers’ truck accessories needs are satisfied.

Ready to find the right LEER truck caps for you? If you’re in the area, come check out our huge showroom at The Truck Shop. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is available to answer any questions you may have about them and help you find the right one for your unique truck and needs.

For LEER truck caps in Chicagoland, come to The Truck Shop. If you can’t make it to our showroom, then browse our website or give us a call at 847-455-2233 or Contact Us.

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