Largemouth Bass

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Works great and the price is very reasonable with superb customer services!

I ordered the 3/8″ floating fish food. My 3-year old fish love it. I started them out on the 1/8″ floating pellets, as the 3/8″ was too big at the time. It was delivered quickly, and in a resealable zip-lock bag, which my previous supplier did not provide. I will be ordering from Smith Creek and Pond again!

Only issue is that the product has some clumping, but that is better than getting with anti-clumping additives. The clumps can be broken up easily.

Good Co. to deal with.
Thank you for a good, fair priced product.

This is pure praziquantel. Works great for aquariums. It can technically be used te treat human with Schistosomiasis aka snail fever, but it’s only meant for aquariums, because of the law, but it is pure praziqunatel.

We are enjoying our new heron fountain. The color is beautiful and the water flow is strong. We bought the pump with the fountain. Each piece was very easy to install. Hoping to enjoy our heron fountain for many years.

Thanks for the review Judy! We have one here running in the greenhouse and find it to be very peaceful to listen to and watch. The perfect amount of water flow so it isn’t too aggressive but it makes a nice arch of water.

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