Lake Redman PA Fishing Reports, Map & Hot Spots

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Redman Lake is a 631 acre lake located in York County

fishing around the plastic fish attractants and also around fish cribs

never pass up fishing a lake that is drawn down!!! even if you dont catch a thing you can take mental notes(or pics) to help you better understand the lake and …more where the bass hide. they can be hard to find at times but if you locate them its a bassin bonanza!! i came with the mindset of jerkin but with the climbing water temps and the stained water i opted to spinnerbait n rattle trap in attemp to cover water. had a few chaser on the spinnerbait and lost a huge fish on the rattle trap. only caught two fish but both were near the dam area. no hits at all on 83 bridge side. in hind sight i think i should of stayed up by the dam area because naturally there was moving water there because the lake is bieng drained.

Look no further for quality perch, Bluegill and Crappie. The state record is flirted with constantly here. Good numbers and size for Largemouth Bass. Look for nice Northern Pike and Walleye. 1,275 acr…

Gifford Pinchot State Park in North Central York County near Lewisberry, off Route 83. Good pan fishing all along the lake’s banks especially near the access area near the Ranger station.

York Haven Dam to Safe Harbor Dam – Lancaster County. Multiple launches exist on the Lancaster county shore.

The first few miles of the river downstream of the York Haven dam offers great muskie and walleye fishing, although the fish move a lot and can be a challenge to find at times.

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