KORDA LongChuck Tapered Shock Leaders

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KORDA LongChuck Tapered Shock Leaders-Korda

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These shock leaders have been designed specifically for long range fishing to help you achieve maximum distance without the risk of a crack-off, and are perfect when used in conjunction with the Long Chuck main line. There are three different combinations of Long Chuck Tapered Leader, which allows you to match it to the breaking strain of main line that you are using, thus ensuring the neatest joining knot possible and also reducing the risk of ‘frap-ups’ (this usually occurs when different diameter lines are joined and a sudden change to the way it spirals off of the reel through the butt ring). Each leader is 10m long and features 8m of 30lb/0.47mm breaking strain line, to absorb the force of the cast as well as giving some protection when playing a fish due to its abrasion resistance – ideal when fishing over gravel bars – and then the last 2m tapers down from 0.47mm (30lb) to either 0.27mm (10lb), 0.30mm (12lb), or 0.33 mm (15lb) diameter, depending on which of the three versions you choose. The tapered leaders feature the same properties as the Long Chuck main line, with ultra-low stretch to help compress the rod (heavy mono is typically quite stretchy and hampers the cast); low water absorption; lightweight for its breaking strain, as it is clear (dye adds extra weight), so it stays in the air longer; and a high breaking strain to diameter ratio to reduce drag. Each spool contains five leaders.

Type of fishing: – Clipping

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