Koi carp | All about the koi carp and tips for a koi pond

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Koi carp | All about the koi carp and tips for a koi pond


Koi carp are an ornament in the pond. They are Japanese fish known for their beautiful decorative appearance, but did you know that there are many different types of koi carp and that keeping them is becoming increasingly popular among pond fish enthusiasts? Read on and find out all about the koi carp!

What kind of fish is a koi carp?

A koi carp, also known as Cyprinus Carpio, is related to the carp. A koi carp is native to Japan. They are often kept in ponds specially designed for koi such as a koi pond. People who keep koi carp often do so because of the special appearance of the fish. This is because they often have beautiful drawings and bright colors on their bodies. The more beautiful the drawing and the color, the more expensive the koi carp will be. However, this often does not stop many people from purchasing a koi.

Tip from pond specialist Simon:

Add oxygen plants to your koi pond, your koi carp will thank you!

What types of koi carp are there?

There are dozens of different types of koi carp, but the ones that are most common are the standard carp, the Japanese koi carp and the Ghost koi.

  1. Carp: A carp belongs to the carpidae. It is a standard carp often found in large natural ponds. Anglers often fish for this species of carp, carp can grow up to 120 centimeters long, which makes them a great asset for avid anglers.
  2. Japanese koi carp: This koi originates from Japan, where it is called Nishikigoi or brocade carp.
  3. Ghost koi carp: A Ghost koi is a mix between the carp and the Japanese koi carp. This is because it combines the strong character of the wild carp with the beautiful appearance of the Japanese koi. The Ghost koi carp has a metallic color and can grow into a large fish, as it can grow up to 60 centimeters long.

Do koi carp and pond plants go together?

Koi carp can certainly be placed in a pond with pond plants. Many people do not purchase aquatic plants for their koi pond because they think that koi will eat these plants, this is what they are known for. But there are aquatic plants that are accepted by koi carp. This is why it is important to know which pond plants are the best match for koi. After all, a koi cannot be placed with just any aquatic plant. The advantage of aquatic plants is that a pump to filter the water becomes unnecessary and you can enjoy a nature-friendly koi pond. Would you like to know everything about which water plants are a good choice and how to make your pond carp proof? Then read our blog about the koi pond!

Suitable pond plants for a koi pond

Yellow iris, Swan Flower, Crabberry and Calamus are among other species that koi carp do not eat. Also, these are all hardy aquatic plant species as well. – Simon

What food does a koi carp need?

A koi carp is not a difficult eater, in fact, the fish will eat just about anything. Mainly they eat small insects or small aquatic animals that live in the pond, also algae are on the menu of the koi carp. It is recommended to combine this with fish food especially for the koi so that your carp remains beautiful and healthy!

Buy koi carp?

Various japanese koi of different colors and sizes. Koi carp can only be picked up in our store in Bleiswijk. These are not sent by post. In our store you can personally select the most beautiful specimens and take them with you immediately. In the Pino Koi store you will receive custom advice about the Koi, the different species(Ki-Usuri, Beni Kikokuryu, D. Platinum Ogon, Midorigoy, D. Hariwake) but also about water quality and general health. Through training and years of experience, we specialize in filtration techniques and disease troubleshooting.
In addition to Koi fish, we naturally sell all the necessities for a healthy successful Koi pond. The price of our koi range from €40 for a small koi to as much as €10,000 for the most expensive koi. Check the current prices of all fish now in our web store.

Picking up koi at Pino Koi’s koi store

Koi carp are not sent by mail, but you can personally pick them out in the koi store of Pino Koi in Bleiswijk. Besides a personal experience and a cup of coffee, you will always get good and expert advice.

Koi species available

  • Ki-Usuri
  • Beni Kikokuryu
  • D. Platinum Ogon
  • Midorigoy
  • D. Hariwake

And many more

KOI 15/20 cm € 45

KOI 20/28 cm € 55

Unique pond center 2 under 1 roof in Bleiswijk nursery

Pino Koi has all the products to achieve the best and healthiest Koi pond possible. Pino Koi is located in the premises of Van der Velde Waterplants where all possible pond plants are available such as water lilies, oxygen, bank and marsh plants. They also have a large assortment of carnivores and offer complete pond plant packages.
So all supplies for any pond are available at this Bleiswijk nursery.

Van der Velde Waterplants

The online pond specialist for pond plants and pond advice customized.
Specialized in growing hardy pond plants. With the right advice and construction, it is possible to create a pond that is biologically balanced to the point where filters and pumps are no longer needed.

Pino Koi

The koi store for pond supplies, buy koi and advice. Through years of experience specialist in the field of Koi fish and water treatment. Also here are all products for sale to realize a successful Koi pond.
View koi online at www.pinokoi.nl And plan a visit to the pond store in Bleiswijk

How to build a koi pond

Make sure the pond is at least 1.5 meters deep. For size, you should keep about 1,000 liters of water per fish, since Koi carp can grow very large and they need space.
Unlike the construction of other ponds, we do not recommend the use of pond substrate with a Koi pond. Fish root out the dirt trapped between the substrate, creating a murky pond. Therefore, instead of substrate, use a bottom drain to remove the dirt.

Want to read more about koi carp in a koi pond and how best to build a koi carp pond? Read it all in our blog: Koi ponds

The average koi carp price is between 25 and 250 euros. At Pino Koi we have small and large koi of various price ranges. Besides the cheaper koi we also have more expensive koi of thousands of euros.

One reason is, koi fish can get very old and grow so slowly. It takes a lot of knowledge, care and patience for a koi fish to reach the age of 50. The older and larger the fish, the more expensive it is. And then there are the drawings of Japanese koi, which can be part of the price.

Simon van der Velde

Simon van der Velde

Pond specialist and aquatic plant grower since 1986
Simon’s vision is to let nature do its work in your pond. No need to buy all kinds of measuring equipment and water improvers. If the fish are swimming nicely and the plants are growing well, then the water in the pond is of good quality. With a good planting plan and the right approach, you can save a lot of money and maintenance, and ensure a clear, biologically balanced pond that becomes more beautiful every year.

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