KILZ® Products, Coatings, and the Environment

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Main image of KILZ 2 All-Purpose Primer with a paint brush on top of a 1-gallon can in a backyard.

KILZ® Products, Coatings, and the Environment

April 12, 2022

The KILZ brand takes pride and deliberation when it comes to its paints and primers and the environment. Greg Williams, our Director of Product Marketing, shares how the KILZ team keeps the environment in mind when developing products for our business. “I’m passionate about protecting the environment as we only have one world, for us and future generations to come.,” Greg expresses, “It is our responsibility to protect our ecosystems, be good stewards of natural resources, and live in harmony with the world around us. We should all strive to minimize our personal impact on the environment.”

Ways you can paint with KILZ® products while helping you minimize your environmental impact.

1. When completing a painting project, choosing a high-quality coating such as a KILZ primer or paint will extend the lifespan of your project and reduce the frequency of re-painting.

2. KILZ products are designed with quality raw materials to provide optimal performance and service life. Also, they are manufactured in facilities where over 95% of liquid byproducts are repurposed and in 2021, 83% of refuse was recycled.

3. Proper disposal of your paint products is a crucial step in the process to reducing your environmental impact. For more information on disposal, see disposal section below and

Why is it important to choose a high-quality product for my project?

• Primer and paint help provide protection for the substrates they are applied to, which can increase their lifetime. Achieving your result with fewer coats and reducing your need to re-paint as frequently will help minimize your overall environmental impact.

• Whether it be drywall or a more challenging substrate like bare metal, weathered wood, or a chalky paint surface, primer and paint can help to protect and extend their service life.

• KILZ primers have exceptional stain blocking properties and help achieve full hide by locking the stain molecules into the film. This results in fewer coats, material, and time required to complete the job.

What strides has KILZ made to develop products while keeping the environment in mind?

• KILZ has focused on developing high performing water-based products, with lower VOCs (volatile organic compounds), while maintaining performance attributes comparable to their oil-based counterparts. (Check out our post about Oil vs. Water based products here). All KILZ products are designed to meet national, state, and local VOC regulations, without compromising performance.

• Many of our products are GREENGUARD® Gold certified, including KILZ® PVA, KILZ 2®, KILZ® 3, KILZ® KITCHEN & BATH, KILZ KLEAR®, and KILZ RESTORATION® primers. GREENGUARD Gold certification confirms the certified products are low VOC and minimize impact on indoor air pollution levels.

• In addition to the liquid inside the can, we now use an all-plastic can which is made of recycled plastic and is 100% recyclable at recycling centers.

• We recycle and reuse many materials and byproducts during the manufacturing process. For example, in 2021 we recycled over 5.5 million pounds of plastic, metal, wood, paper and cardboard.

• We make it easy to determine the amount of product necessary for your project. It is important to use only the material that you need to minimize waste. We provide estimated coverage rates as well as a coverage calculator tool so you can purchase the appropriate quantities for your jobs.

What is the best way to dispose of cans and extra product?

• We would advise researching local paint disposal regulations. Many areas have local household hazardous waste drop off sites that will collect old and unwanted paint. In addition, more states are now joining PaintCare, which puts a focus on recycling paint, further reducing the impact of unused paint.

• Local charities may also be willing to accept unused paint in good condition as a donation.

Always remember to refer to our website or product back labels for additional information on which primer is right for your project and detailed instructions on how safety and application of our products. Check out our Coverage Calculator to understand your estimated paint needs for your upcoming project.

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