Karve Kayak 3.0

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Karve Kayak 3.0

*9’11” Pre order for late March 2023
*12′ Pre order for May 2023

We’ve spent over 7 years perfecting the Karve Kayak’s shape and unique features. The Karve Kayak 3.0 is the third iteration of the Karve and boasts tons of new features. It is the biggest leap forward yet and is now available for pre-order.

The Karve is now offered in two new sizes: 9’11” and the 12′. The 9’11” is the traditional Karve solo, 18” shorter than its previous version and slides under the registration size requirement for many states (including Minnesota). It maintains Paddle North’s high standard for performance and tracking through its unique V-funnel underside, channeling water to the 10″ long fin. It’s great for fishing, recreational paddling, exercise, and exploring. Bring a dog or fishing gear and then go with its collapsible design and included roller bag.

The 12′ Karve XL is even more versatile. Paddle it solo or tandem with a capacity of over 600lbs.

9’11” Karve Dimensions: 9’11” x 33” x 17”, 28 lbs to carry, 300 lb capacity.

12′ Karve XL Dimensions: 12′ x 33” x 17”, 34 lbs to carry, 600 lb capacity.

Constructed from 1.2mm thick drop-stitch PVC, the same proven material that our Portager and Sport Utility Dock are constructed from.

  1. Tracking: Tracking is the holy grail of paddling and is the primary focus of the Karve. From its aggressive displacement hull shape to the 12” removable fin – this kayak tracks extremely straight.
  2. Balance: Well balanced to handle extreme water resistance.
  3. Durability: The kayak is inflatable, but doesn’t feel like it. It’s extremely rigid and forgiving on the water. Backed by our full 4-year warranty.
  4. Lightweight: For this size of kayak, it is extremely light.


  • Pressure Regulators: Inflatables without pressure regulators risk seam failure in heat. The Karve Kayak has two auto relief valves that trigger if the kayak ever exceeds 15 PSI.
  • V-Funnel: Channels water below the board to the fin, improving tracking and stability.
  • Drain Valve: Remove water accumulation with a floor drain valve.
  • NEW! Universal mounts are standard on every Karve. Connect rod holders, bait trays, cup holders, and camera mounts.
  • NEW! GripTrack RAIL and TAILS to increase durability.
  • NEW! Elevated Seats: Sit higher on the water in a more comfortable kayaking position.
  • NEW! Storage hole for dry packs, coolers, and tackle.
  • NEW! New natural monochrome color scheme: sand & wood.

Go further with Paddle North Challenges & the included All Terrain transport bag.

Shape: Swede Form, where the kayak is widest behind the cockpit. This form allows for very efficient movement through the water, improving speed and maneuverability. This shape highlights acceleration and tracking. Because of the narrow bow, the Karve Kayak punches through a steep wave rather than riding over it. The wider than normal width (33”), combined with the buoyancy of the inflation, provides unmatched balance and stabilization.

Package Includes:

  • x1 Comfort Seat (x2 Comfort Seats for 12′ Karve XL)
  • x1 Detachable Fin
  • x1 All Terrain Carry Bag
  • x1 Triple Stage Manual Pump
  • x1 Aluminum Kayak Paddle (x2 Paddles for 12′ Karve XL)
  • x1 Karve Kayak

4-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty: Included with your purchase is a guarantee for this product against any defect in materials and workmanship for 4 years.

Industry Best Accident Protection: Upgrade your warranty with 4 years of accidental damage protection. Learn more here.

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United States

Glad We Got the Karve 2

We bought this in August of 2022. Mostly early and late fall paddling. Handled nicely and loved how it packs down for transport. We will be taking it with on our summer camping trip to Montana, much easier than strapping a boat to the roof and traveling across several states. No issues with tracking on the water and liked the stiff sides when inflated. Will probably buy a thicker seat to rise up another inch for paddling in cold water, but very glad to have the 2.0 version. I prefer to sit closer to the water level in a kayak than where I would be in the 3.0 version.

United States

Best Kayak Ever!

I love this kayak it has been even easier to use than I imagined and I had so much fun with it all fall. I just left it in the back seat of my car and it was always available for when I got those unexpected opportunities to do things like, paddle the Minnesota river over a rare hour and a half lunch. And it was fun to watch the reactions when I popped it out of the car and could easily step into it in cold water with out the need for a dock or landing. Oh, and the fun patches you can earn have given me even more ideas as to how I can have fun kayaking. Can’t thank you enough for a well made, stable, easy to transport, fun kayak. I can’t wait ’til spring!!!

United States

Karve Kayak

We haven’t had a chance to use since it’s winter. Can’t wait to try it!

United States

Great travel partner

Flew to Costa Rica with my Karve tandem kayak. Brought it in a suitcase and was able to check it as normal luggage. And then took it out on the Pacific Ocean for some amazing paddling around Playa Conchal.

United States

Love the Karve!

My wife and I rented two Karves when we visited Minnesota. At first, we were apprehensive about a “blow up kayak”, but that lasted about 2 minutes! Extremely easy to assemble and inflate, light to carry to launch area, and extremely maneuverable in the water. Well balanced and very stable! Traveling with the Karves made us really appreciate how easy they are to work with! We were so impressed with the Karve that we came back to Texas and bought two! The lakes down here aren’t as pretty as Minnesota, but the Karves are still outstanding!

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