You Need To Read This IT Luggage Reviews First Before You Buy

IT Luggage Reviews

Are you ready for your next travel plans? Whether you are going on a business trip, for your next family adventure or a road trip with your friends, it is very important that you equip yourself with the right set of luggage. It's as important as creating a perfect travel itinerary.

Of course, you don’t want to go through a frustrating trip just because your luggage break down as you wait for your next flight or suffer from an aching back just because your luggage is so difficult and heavy to wheel around.


So in today's article, I will be sharing with you five of highly recommended luggage that you need to check out. These all come from IT Luggage, a leading brand in the industry since it was established in London in the year 1985. This brand has been known for producing innovative, quality luggage at an affordable price.

Please keep on reading below and I hope you’ll enjoy these IT Luggage reviews.

IT Luggage 31.5" World's Lightest 8 Wheel Spinner, Ashes with Vapor Blue Trim

On top of our list is this best-selling luggage which belongs to the IT Luggage’s World’s Lightest collection. IT Luggage keeps on reinventing and evolving this collection to make sure it will produce an iconic collection with improved features like an 8-wheel rolling system which adds stability to the luggage and offers 360-degree maneuverability.

When it comes to durability, this luggage is made of high-density polyester fabric combined with fiberglass fame which is not only sturdy but is also the main reason why this luggage is super lightweight. This is then combined with a reliable locking handle system made of aluminum that makes sure all of your essentials will never be accessed by unauthorized persons.

Another thing I like about this luggage is that it has convenient storage; it has two zip pockets on its exterior which is very handy enough as it allows you to easily take out your essential while its one huge zip mesh on its interior also has a notable storage capacity.

This luggage is also available in seven elegant colors, these are Blue Ashes With Vapor Blue Trim, Bossa Nova With Vapor Blue Trim, Bossa Nova With Vapor Blue Trim, Magnet With Cobblestone Trim, Purple Pennant, Purple Pennant With Cobblestone Trim and Raven With Vapor Blue Trim; you will definitely find a color that will meet your personal taste.

Overall, this spinner rolling case will allow you to travel in style and comfort, with its featherweight design.


  • It comes in a durable construction
  • It has been designed with no seams and any gaps
  • It has a big storage capacity
  • It features an 8-wheel rolling system that makes the luggage stable.


  • The handle has an uncomfortable positioning.
it luggage World's Lightest Los Angeles 32.4 inch Upright, Turquoise 2 Tone

Here’s another luggage that belongs to IT Luggage’s World’s Lightest collection and though it only features two spinning wheels, it’s just as amazing as our first product. These two wheels actually glide smoothly and quietly. In addition to that, this luggage has wide soft grip non-locking handle that offers seamless maneuverability.

Another thing I like about this luggage is that it has well-cushioned top and side grab handles which can withstand the weight of your belongings and makes it easy to lift the luggage on and off the baggage carousels.

When it comes to its storage, there are two zip pockets on its front that allows you to easily access what you need for your trip, like your travel documents. Inside the bag, there’s a fully lined interior that comes with four mesh slip pockets that so you can separate and organize your essentials. It also has two tie-down straps that will keep your items secured and immovable.


  • It offers a really large interior for a better storage
  • It is very easy to hold and move around
  • It comes in a lightweight and sturdy design
  • Its wheels can glide smoothly and quietly.


  • The pockets inside the luggage are too small
  • You can’t lock its handle as you desired.
it luggage Duotone 4 Wheel Lightweight 3 Piece Set, Capri Breeze Dress Blues

IT Luggage Duotone Three -Piece Set allows you to travel with confidence. They feature four wheels that make the luggage incredibly easy to roll and offers 360-degree maneuverability for weightless handling.

It also features a telescoping top handle that you can extend to different convenient lengths and will also lock firmly in place. This feature makes the luggage even easier to wheel around even just with your one hand. And since they are very light, you will be able to glide down through crowded spaces or even narrow aisles without any difficulty at all. In addition to that, they have quick grab handles both on its top and side for extra comfort of handling the luggage.

This luggage has been modified, so you can get maximum efficiency of its storage capacity. Each of the luggage comes with two zip pockets on its exterior which is perfect for all of your travel necessities. The interior of the bag is also fully lined and is equipped with two tie-down straps. There’s also a big zip mesh pocket where you can store your travel accessories or documents for easy access.

Lastly, this luggage is available in eight gorgeous duotone choices, there’s Capri Breeze Dress Blues, Grenadine/Dark Blue, Moroccan Blue/Magnet, Orange Combo Red Dahlia, Pewter/Black, Teal Green Steel Gray, Tritex Original Grey Black, Tritex Potent Purple Dark Gull Gray.


  • It offers maximum efficiency for its storage system
  • It comes in a lightweight and sturdy design
  • It is very easy to maneuver, it can even be rotated up to 360-degree
  • It’s a long-lasting luggage.


  • Its zippers can’t be expanded.
IT Luggage Legion 3-Piece 8-Wheel Hardside Expandable, Dark Grey

This hardside expandable luggage just looks absolutely stunning. It comes with a clamshell design which is much nicer. You can just zip it open face down and everything will be within your reach; there’s no longer need to dig around just to reach your sweatshirt at the bottom of the luggage when you arrive at your hotel.

It also helps that it has fully lined interior with zippered center divider, a zip mesh pocket, two slip pockets and two tie-down straps that allows you to organize your stuff and to keep them in their proper place.

But what makes this set of luggage amazing is its expandable feature which can provide you with an extra 25% of space that can be very handy if you will be returning from your trip with more stuff than you originally brought along. Its soft touch gel handles are also pretty impressive as it offers ultimate comfort.

You can also choose among the four available color choices, these are Dark Grey, Dark Grey With Cobblestone Trim, Dark Wine and Gold that look really elegant, perfect for business travelers with a sense of style.


  • It features ergonomic telescoping handle that you can easily control
  • The inside of the bag is spacious enough
  • You can easily organize and segregate your belongings
  • It comes in a sturdy construction.


  • Some users complained that its telescopic rolling handle occasionally gets stuck.
it luggage Megalite Fascia 31.5" Expandable Checked Spinner Luggage

This luggage comes from the IT Luggage’s best-selling Megalite Collection and is packed with incredible features. This is a 4-piece luggage set that efficiently combined functionality with style. Each of the luggage comes with an 8-wheel easy-glide system that allows the wheels to roll in all directions and put no weight on your hands.

This luggage is also ideal for longer trips since it comes in a wide body design that provides extra packing capacity. It has spacious single-packing inner compartments that are equipped with tie-down straps to keep your stuff organized. In addition to that, there are two pockets on its top flop as well as two pockets on its exterior. But despite the bag’s large capacity, I love how it is still very lightweight.

It also features recessed combination TSA locks to make sure your valuables will be kept on lockdown no matter where you are, giving you peace of mind. Overall, this luggage can definitely make your journey as smooth and hassle-free as possible.


  • It's lightweight luggage so you can save up on baggage fees
  • It comes in a sturdy and rugged design
  • Its storage capacity can be expanded
  • It features interior pockets so you can organize your items
  • It’s easy to wheel around.


  • There are only two colors to choose from: Moroccan Blue and Ruby Wine.

What to Consider Before Making a Purchase

What to Consider Before Making a Purchase

When you invest in a piece of IT Luggage, you have to make sure you are choosing one that will best fit your needs. If you feel a bit overwhelmed with all these available options, here’s a buying guide that can help you decide.


The rule of thumb is that you should choose for carry-on luggage that is not bigger than 45 inches and a maximum of 62 inches if you want it checked in; this is the standard for most US airlines. So make sure you check out the requirements of your airline on what size of luggage you can bring onboard because they may often be the same.


Airlines today are getting firmer with their restrictions on weight luggage. So if you have heavier luggage, this only means you will be able to bring lesser essentials with you or else you will have to pay expensive baggage fees.


There has been a long debate between hardside vs. softside luggage but each actually has its own advantage. For instance, if you frequently travel for longer periods, you might want to opt for softside luggage or one that is made of fabric since they can often be expanded as they stretch more around their edges, giving you extra space.

However, they are not as durable as hardside luggage which can definitely take more beating especially when you need to check it in. It also has better protection against spills, puddles, and rain. So you don't have to worry when the coffee thermos you're holding accidentally spills in your bag while you're waiting for your flight.


Fortunately, most of the luggage I mentioned above comes in a double spinner system or an eight-wheel system that gives you the ability to move 360-degree without any difficulty. They are also very convenient when you have to go through narrow aisles or crowded spaces.


Luggage with retractable handle is highly recommended. It would also be great if it will come with a padded side handle so you can easily lift the luggage.


Of course, you'd want to feel that your luggage will be as secure as possible when it's not in your sight. So make sure your choice of luggage comes with a foolproof lock.


With more than three decades of experience in the business, IT Luggage has definitely become one of the most trusted brands in the game! It has delivered various types of luggage items that are intended for different types of travel; this ranges from smaller carry-ons to huge checked bags, so you will definitely find luggage needed for your trip.

And what’s even great is that each of these pieces of luggage has been designed with style in mind; you’ll definitely feel elegant and put together whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure. Its durability is pretty impressive too, you can totally expect the company’s luggage will get where you need to go.

Anyway, I hope these IT Luggage reviews were able to help you come up with the best decision. You might also want to check out the best Louis Vuitton bag you can bring for your day-to-day adventure.

If you still have any more question or suggestions, please drop it in the comment section below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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