In-ground smart traffic light model

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In-ground smart traffic light model

Monday, 21/03/2022, 15:07 [GMT+7]

A smart traffic light model together with several additional solutions has created by teachers of Nguyen Khuyen Junior High School, Cam Ranh City, Khanh Hoa Province with the expectation to minimize road crashes.

Teacher Ho Tan Doan, Nguyen Khuyen Junior High School, together with his colleagues has developed a “smart traffic light model to raise awareness and reduce accidents in urban areas”. The initiative has won an emulation prize at the 9th Provincial Creation Contest (2020 – 2021).

The smart traffic light model has 4 solutions to enhance ground signal, strengthen the system of sensors and signal horns, propose connection to the solar energy and provide more danger signal barriers.

The installment of the in-ground traffic lights (green, yellow, red) connected with the regular traffic lights will help enable road users to see traffic lights more easily and thus enhance the safety. In addition, the 4 sensors and the alarming system will be activated if a person fails to stop for a red light. The solar energy also ensures the operation of traffic lights when the power is out.

Surveillance cameras are connected with traffic security centers for traffic control, especially at roundabouts. Moreover, the emergency warning also gives signals when there is danger or some obstacles ahead due to vehicle break-down, especially on roads without lights. The LED-lighting system which runs on battery can be brought for use when in emergency.

The model will help reduce accidents, raise road users’ awareness of the traffic law to ensure travel safety in an effort to improve compliance to the laws to protect heath and safety of everyone, their families and the community. The system is easily installed and operated with high efficiency, according to Teacher Ho Tan Doan.

The teacher hopes local authorities and businesses would give more ideas and suggestions to improve the project so that it can be put into use, contributing to developing a modern and safe travel environment for all families and the society, especially during the trend of digital transfer.


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