How to Store A Kayak Indoors Or Outdoors?

How to Store A Kayak

Do you have your very own kayak now? That's a great thing to hear! I always remember the time when I purchased my very first kayak. It was meant for touring and was really exhilarated to get it in the water immediately.


But right after the fun, you'll realize that there's something off. That's right. You have forgotten where you are going to store it. If you have forgotten this crucial detail, then there's a good chance that your boat is going to be exposed to harmful external elements.

I know a variety of options when it comes to kayak storage. That's why if you came here to learn how to store a kayak, you did the right thing. I am generous enough to share how I was able to maintain my kayaks on their top shape.

Let's get started!

The very first thing that you need to decide is whether you are going to opt for an outdoor or indoor storage.

Right from the get-go, storing your kayak indoors is definitely the best route. It is the very method that ensures that your kayak will be protected from all the harmful elements. The kayak lasts longer if it is stored indoors, too.

However, I know that not all of us have this capability. It is entirely understandable since some of my colleagues in kayaking didn't have a garage for their kayaks. Fortunately, there's a solution for them to try. We'll discuss that later.

For the meantime, let's highlight the procedures on how to store a kayak indoors. Read on.

How to Store A Kayak Indoors?

Just like I said, storing the kayak indoors is the ideal option to secure your precious boat. It is a must-have, especially if you want to keep your kayak clean and free from any blemishes. Furthermore, if the kayak that you have is inflatable, you should store it indoors.

It is always my preference to store my kayak by letting it hang on the wall through the help of a rack. Don't ever get the idea that stacking kayaks against each other is an excellent storage practice. It can damage the floor and cockpit of the kayaks. Furthermore, it can result in the kayaks being flattened.

Here are the initial preparations that you need to do for indoor kayak storage:

Regulate the Internal Temperature

You need your kayak to be stored in an area that doesn't expose it to extreme hot or cold. These extreme temperatures can damage the boat. That's the very reason why letting the kayak get hit by the sun is not a good thing, especially if it is made from plastic. Make it too cold, and the kayak will become brittle.

Clean Your Kayak

Cleaning your kayak is as important as painting it. This is a critical regimen that you have to do to ensure the boat's longevity. The cleaner it is, the less susceptible it is to damages.

Washing your kayak is a simple errand. Just use an all-purpose cleaner to wipe the kayak clean. You have to clean both the external and internal parts of the kayak. If necessary, you have to remove some parts that obstruct your cleaning. The latter is only applicable for kayaks that have detachable parts.

After soaping the kayak, rinse it with water. You don't want to see soap residues in the kayak.

Once done, you should let the kayak dry. Yes. It is true that the kayak is made for the water. However, they are not designed to stay in the water forever. If you do so, the kayak will gradually break. Furthermore, it can spur the growth of mildew and mold.

Just use a towel to wipe the kayak try. If necessary, let the kayak be air dried.

Kayak Indoor Storage

Now that you have prepared your kayak, you can now store it in any of your indoor storage.

Look For A Steady Platform

The best way to store a kayak indoors is to let be hanged in the wall. But before you can do this, you have to make sure that the wall is sturdy. You should not hang it on plywood or drywall. They will just crumble down, especially if the kayak is heavy. Choose a clear location where there are no objects and other potential hazards.

Install a Mounting System

Once you have decided where to hand your kayak, it is time that you install a mounting system. There are two options that you have here.

The first one is a rope system. You need to install it to the walls so that the ropes can be wrapped in your kayak.

The second option and perhaps the most stable is a mounting bracket. This one is not susceptible to breakages. It is a reliable mounting system that keeps the kayak secured and steady all the time. But of course, it is costlier than rope systems. That's still something that you have to consider.

The installation process might vary from one unit to another. I cannot make a detailed guide to each of them here because that would consume too much space and time. The best thing that you can do is to read the manuals. You should also prepare some essential tools (such as drills) if they are necessary.

Place the Kayak

  • 1. First, have the brackets be covered with towel or foam. This is important so that the surface of the brackets will not rub against the kayak. The paint of the latter could be damaged if there's direct contact.
  • 2. Next, hang the kayak on its side. The position of the tilt should have its cockpit on the front horizontally. Meanwhile, the back of the boat can be placed against the wall.

    Always remember that the cockpit is the most durable part of the kayak. Therefore, the brackets or the ropes should support the boat outside the cockpit.
  • 3. Check the balance of the kayak. It is a bad thing if one side of the kayak is more tilted than the other. Instead, it should be flat and straight across.

    Fortunately, securing its balance is quite simple. You can do this by ensuring that the brackets and straps are equally distant from one another in both ends of the boat. If you are going to place right outside the cockpit, there's a better guarantee that your kayak is hanging in the center.
  • 4. Do not use the handles of the kayak as the hanging platform. Doing this is quite tempting because the handles are like presenting themselves. However, this part of the kayak is not designed for storage purpose. If you persist, the kayak will be subjected to strain, which in turn, can cause breakages.

How to Store A Kayak Outdoors?

Just like I said earlier, not all of us have garages or interior space to store kayaks. In this predicament, we are left with no choice but to store the kayak outside. Good thing, there is a safe way to do this.

  • 1. First, look for a ground or area that has a leveled surface. In this way, your kayak will be able to balance correctly. There should be a wall present so that the kayak can lie on it.
  • 2. Next, place two blocks of wood on each side of the kayak. After this, you can already put the kayak there horizontally. The position should be slightly tilted, ensuring that the cockpit is facing outside. Ideally, the blocks should be covered by cloth or foam to prevent the surface of the kayak from being scratched.
  • 3. Cover the kayak with a kayak cover to protect it from the heat and other harsh elements.

An outdoor kayak rack can also become an alternative storage system for the boat!


As you can see, learning how to store a kayak is pretty simple. The process is pretty straightforward, except for the part where you are going to install your mounting systems. But once done, you can guarantee that your kayak is always safe while you are not using it.

I hope you learned from this guide. If you have any other questions or clarifications, drop them in the comment section.

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