How to Ship Your Kayak Confidently

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Whether you are headed off on an adventurous trip, relocating, or competing internationally, getting your kayak to the final destination safely is important. We understand the logistics of ensuring that your kayak gets there on time and at a reasonable price. Here is a guide on shipping kayaks to help you maneuver through all the details.

The first piece of information is knowing the dimensional weight of the kayak, this will let you find out how much it will cost to ship. Multiply the length times width times height of the kayak. Making sure that you are measuring at the tallest and widest points of the vessel. Divide your answer by 194, which calculates the weight in pounds (L x W x H/194)

The freight class of a kayak will vary, as this number is based on density (pounds per cubic inch), as it depends on the size and the material. A common weight class is between 50 to 70 for this type of freight. Standard carriers such as FedEx or UPS classify them as oversized items.

Kayaks are made strong however, you will want to pack them with foam or a bubble wrap to keep them safe from damage during shipping. You want to protect the outside layer from bumping against the box or the crate itself and being scratched. Remember that extra packing protection will add to the bulk and weight of your shipping total.

Ensure that the box is marked fragile so that it will not be stacked during shipping. You do not want weight from other boxes stacked on top of it.

Custom crates decrease shifting that can happen during the kayak transport process. While it will take longer to load and unload your kayak cargo from a crate, the protection a crate provides is worth the extra load time.

If you are shipping a kayak overseas, make sure that you prepare for the additional taxes, fees, and customs duties.

Import paperwork you must follow when importing overseas includes

If you are importing a kayak into the United States, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has specific requirements that need to be met.

Select a freight shipping company that can easily handle the size and dimensional weight of your kayak. However, if you are still confused about the best shipping options and getting a cost-effective rate, PPLUS Global has you covered. PPLUS ships kayaks regularly for our clients’ sporting needs and can help both manufacturers and customers get them to their delivery points.

Their kayak shipping program offers special rates along with outstanding customer service. You can trust them to take care of getting your kayak there on time and safely.

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