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The astringency of frozen squid is usually heavier than fresh squid. Especially the longer the freezing time, the heavier the astringency of the squid. If you want to make delicious dishes with frozen squid, and the color and flavor, then the first thing to do is to remove the scent of the squid. So, how do frozen squid go to eat? Let’s talk about related techniques and methods today.

Step 1: Take out the frozen squid and put it in cold water. Add some white vinegar to the sputum. After the squid is thawed, remove the viscera and rind. Many people can understand the internal organs, but the steps to remove the skin are often overlooked. To know that the outer skin of frozen squid is very embarrassing, it is necessary to tear off this layer.

Step 2: Put the cleaned squid in a small pot and sprinkle with a small amount of fine salt repeatedly. This is also a key step to remove the smell and odor of the frozen squid. After smashing, rinse it with water and prepare for drowning. .

Step 3: After the above two steps, the astringency and odor of the frozen squid are basically gone, but it is even more perfect if it is treated with water. The correct way to squid into the pot is to put the squid after the water is boiled and simmer for 20 seconds. Then you can use it to make a variety of dishes.

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