How To Catch Slams With FROZEN SHRIMP (And Catch Fewer CATFISH)

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How To Catch Slams With FROZEN SHRIMP (And Catch Fewer CATFISH)


Do you use frozen shrimp for bait?

For a long time, I thought frozen shrimp only caught catfish (and no gamefish), so I completely avoided them.

However, when conditions are tough, you can’t catch or buy live bait, or you need a plan B, they’re an excellent option.

They’re easy to find, cheap, easy to rig, and easy to use.

Plus, as it turns out, if you fish them correctly, gamefish love them!

We recently used them on a tough day and ended up catching a slam, plus a tarpon.

Check out the video below to see how to rig and fish them to get a ton of tight lines and even catch quality fish.

Using Frozen Shrimp For Inshore Slams [VIDEO]

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How To Retrieve Frozen Shrimp

When using frozen shrimp, you want to slowly drag them across the bottom.

I’ll lift my rod tip and move them about 6-8 inches, pause, reel in the slack, and then do it again.

It’s almost like a blend between soaking cut bait and retrieving lures.

Of course, you could just let the frozen shrimp sit on the bottom, but covering more water increases the odds you’ll come across a gamefish before a catfish gets to it.

And since you’ll be retrieving them slowly on the bottom, how you rig them makes a big difference, which takes us to the next point…

How To Rig Frozen Shrimp

You want to rig frozen shrimp just like you would rig live shrimp.

Here are the steps:

  1. Tear off the tail
  2. Put the hook through the hole where the tail was and pop it out of the top of the shell
  3. Make sure it’s streamlined

This will help make your shrimp look natural, which will help you catch more gamefish.

And another thing that will help you get a good presentation to the fish is using the right jig head…

Best Jig Heads For Frozen Shrimp

Since you’ll be dragging these shrimp across the bottom, it’s best if they’re sitting upright.

Jig heads with flat bottoms, like boxing glove style jig heads, work really well here.

On this trip, we were using these Mission Fishin jig heads.

These jig heads also work well with soft plastics, so you can quickly and easily switch between lures and frozen shrimp on the water.


If you need a plan B, frozen shrimp make a great option.

They’re cheap, easy to use, and nearly always available, plus, fish love them!

I recommend rigging them on a jig head with a flat bottom (like these Mission Fishin jig heads) and then retrieving them slowly across the bottom.

Big thanks to Capt. Mark “Hollywood” Johnson from for putting us on these fish and opening my eyes to frozen shrimp.

Have any questions about using frozen shrimp?

Let me know down in the comments below.

And if you know someone who’s sick of only catching catfish with them, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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Freaking catfish munch munch everything

That is exactly how we fish in Vermillion Bay Louisiana. Even the water you were in looks like our water. I’ve been hitting the Slam Shady pretty hard this year but it’s not nearly as productive as the shrimp.
Could it be the smell makes the shrimp so successful in murky water?

Please remember to never ever use frozen/dead shrimp that was not caught in the area you are fishing. Foreign shrimp can/will have diseases not native to the body of water you are in and can cause serious harm to the local shrimp.

Luke, great video like always. Never seen this and would love to try it. We fish southeast Louisiana in prime time saltwater/brackish. I would love to join but don’t know if you can help in our area?

Would this technique work with a bottom sweeper jighead? I have a couple of the jigheads you used and some bottom sweepers which I haven’t used yet.

I think it is very important to use bait that was killed by the freezing process. Another thing I’ve noticed about fresh frozen shrimp, if it has been thawed for an hour or two, and not kept cool or on ice, it may put out a rotten scent into the water attracting catfish to the area, and the targeted fish bite drops off.

I hardly ever use bait, but as you mention, it is a good plan B. Where do you recommend buying frozen shrimp? Bait shop, grocery store, other?

Fished inshore Fernandina Bch last weekend. The higher tides had the water muddy. Frozen shrimp caught more fish than anything we tried. Reds and Trout ate the shrimp 10 to 1 versus the Slam Shady.


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