How much does boat transport cost? A guide to prices

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Anyone, whether out of need or pleasure, who finds themselves needing boat transport will undoubtedly ask themselves this question: how much does boat transport cost Honestly speaking, we can’t give you a simple answer: the cost for this service may vary considerably between one case and another.

Many factors affect the cost estimate and some may even affect it greatly. Certainly, the overall dimensions of the vessel to be transported and the pick-up location – which can be extremely difficult to reach in some cases – are a few such factors that can have a great impact on cost. Let’s explore in more detail the factors that affect the cost items that are generally applied by Italian shippers.

Factors that increase boat transport prices
The factors that inevitably affect the costs of boat transport, leading to an increase, include:

Companies offering boat transport must truly be ready for anything: the boat may be in an extremely remote location or one that is very difficult to reach. Just think about how a heavy vessel or exceptional cargo can complicate the situation. Generally speaking, when dealing with the latter, professionals have cranes for loading and unloading. It is easy to see how having mechanical lifting equipment, which must be used for inaccessible pick-up locations, makes everything all the more complicated, with an inevitable effect on cost.

If the boats to be transported exceed the size and mass limits set by the Italian Navigation Code, alternative means and modes of transport will be required. It’s easy to see how, in this instance, boat transport costs will inevitably increase – and rightly so. The differences between a yacht, a sail boat and a fishing boat, as you could well imagine, are considerable. This is where the issue concerning the quality and professionalism of the company that you entrust with your extremely costly boat arises.

It is possible, if the situation requires it, to also include integrated logistics within the boat transport contract conditions. This is an extra service that not all boat transport companies can offer. Indeed, this is supported by technology that is able to monitor the goods throughout the entire trip – with no stage being overlooked – from the boarding port right up until the final destination.

Additionally, this service can include: container transport and special cargoes, as well as oversized loads. This extra service will entail a fairly small increase in boat transport costs, yet is fully justified considering the additional guarantee that it offers the client.

Factors that decrease boat transport prices
Conversely, boat transport can be offered at truly affordable prices if some of the following conditions exist:

It is abundantly clear that a small, light and compact boat requires a less significant investment in terms of difficulty and human resources. In fact, generally operators that offer a boat transport service commensurate the means and human resources based on the type of boat to be transported.

Without a doubt, the best seasons for boat transport are spring and summer. In winter the strong winds accompanied by constant rain and rough or very choppy seas can actually cause problems and/or difficulties for the boat transporter. In fact, these bad weather conditions can make schedule changes necessary, which may be down to the captain’s discretion, with the inevitable difficulties that entails.

Last but not least, you would do well to remember that boat transport costs should not change based on certain conditions that are considered inherent to the service. In particular, we are talking about the safety terms that the service should ensure. Indeed, the boat in question must be equipped with all the appropriations provided for by law. In regard to these, we would like to note the following in particular: safety warnings, navigation lights, fire extinguishers and individual and group life-saving equipment, etc. Of course, all this should and must not affect the boat transport price.

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