How Do I Fix Peeling Paint On Ceiling?

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How Do I Fix Peeling Paint on Ceiling?


Once the area is nice and smooth and clean from debris, this is where you patch up any areas where the peeling paint had previously lived. Apply a layer of patching compound for spackling to the ceiling with a putty knife in an even manner. A good compound to use is DAP Drydex Spackling. Once that first layer has dried, you can apply a second. Be sure to leave it dry overnight.

From that step, you’re going to want to put on your mask and goggles again and sand the area down. Be sure to smooth out anything out so there are no uneven or bumpy spots on the ceiling area.

Ceiling Paint Peeling


Now comes the time to properly prime the ceiling area. Primer can be such a great defense mechanism against moisture and water. The crucial step here though is to make sure your primer is completely dry before applying your paint. Make sure to open your windows or even bring in some fans for some cross ventilation.

Then, when you’re painting the area, be sure to choose a ceiling paint with a flat finish. It helps to hide any minor imperfections and just produces an overall smooth finish. Benjamin Moore’s Waterborne Ceiling Paint in Ultra Flat is a good one. From there, hopefully your ceiling paint peeling issues will be done and over with! But just in case…


If you want to avoid ceiling paint peeling in the future, it’s imperative to give your ceiling enough time to dry after priming and painting. Also, pick a high quality paint for your ceilings. After all, they can be such big expansive areas — you want them to look their best. And moisture travels up, so the paint needs to be able to withstand that humidity and water. Lastly, try to keep your rooms well ventilated. If you follow these few steps, you’ll likely avoid ceiling paint peeling as well as peeling bathroom paint.

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