High Quality Custom Sheds

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Added styling makes the Victorian Cottage one of our most popular styles. The Victorian has extended roof eave overhangs, larger windows with added trim, cottage style roof vents and a transom window above the double door.

Shown: 10×16 Victorian with cedar clapboard, large trimmed windows & burgundy shutters. Bottom trim standard with cedar clapboard siding. Optional cupola, weathervane & ramp.

Tall 7’4″ walls and a full-size garage door are standard on the Grand Victorian. The Grand Victorian with Shed dormer features 3 large trimmed windows, transom windows, extended eave overhangs, a 36″ door on the backside.

Shown: 12×20 Grand Victorian, white shutters, wedgewood vinyl shakes with bottom frieze trim board trim, white architectural shingles. Optional flower boxes, ramp and 21″ copper top cupola.

The Grand Victorian with A-Frame dormer features a double door on the front wall, large windows with added trim, extended eave overhangs. transom windows and bottom trim. The taller 7’4″ walls and full-size garage door are standard.

Shown: 14×20 Grand Victorian A-Frame with cedar clapboard siding, light brown architectural shingles and burgundy shutters. Optional french doors, flower boxes, garage door ramp and copper top cupola.

Same styling features as the Victorian Cottage with the addition of the A-Frame dormer on roof. This style features two double doors, large windows with added trim, plus transom windows, cottage vents and wide eave overhangs.

Shown: 12×16 Victorian Cottage with A-Frame dormer. Olive vinyl siding and light gray architectural shingles. Optional bottom trim, single ramp and copper rooftop cupola.

This is the Victorian Cottage with the addition of a rooftop shed dormer. It features transom windows on the dormer face and above the door, larger windows with added trim, cottage style roof vents and extended roof eave overhangs.

Shown: 14×16 Victorian Cottage with Shed Dormer, cream vinyl siding, white shutters. and black architectural shingles. Optional ramp, flower boxes, bottom trim and 21″ copper top cupola.

The taller 7-foot front wall gives the Country Carriage the most head-to-rafter clearance of any standard shed style. The Country Carriage has a unique off-set roof design creates the tall front-wall and an extended eave overhang along the front wall.

Shown: 10X12 Country Carriage in Floor Plan #3. Flint gray vinyl shakes siding, black shutters, and black architectural shingles. Optional 6-lite door glass, large window, flower box, cottage vents and ramp.

The Historic Colonial is our most popular style. Its steeper roof pitch and double-sash windows with shutters match the design of many homes throughout New England. When matched to the color of your home it looks like it’s meant to be on your property

Shown: 10×12 Historic Colonial in floor plan #3. Cream vinyl siding, green shutters and black architectural shingles. Optional large window

The Gambrel has a four-panel barn style roof. Barn’s have a Gambrel roof in order to create more room for storage in the loft, and like a barn the Reeds Ferry® Traditional Gambrel provides a greater amount of room for loft storage.

Shown: 10×14 Traditional Gambrel in floorplan #4. Almond vinyl siding, green shutters, and dark gray shingles. Optional flower boxes and ramp.

The Antique Saltbox has an extended rear roof which creates added interior space, or can be converted to an optional exterior storage area that is protected by the roof overhang which customers often use for storing firewood, a kayak, etc.

Shown: 8×12 Antique Saltbox in floor plan #4. Clay vinyl shakes siding and light brown architectural shingles. Optional bottom trim, large windows, flower boxes, cottage vents and cupola.

The American Classic is the first design Reeds Ferry® built in 1960. A lower roof profile and modest features make it our most economical model, yet its solid construction and 30-year warranty guarantee years of dependable service.

Shown: 8×8 American Classic in floor plan #1. Olive vinyl siding, black shutters and red architectural shingles. Optional flower boxes and a window added to the gable end wall.

The shaded entry overhang supported by columns, french doors and mini roof dormer make the Reeds Ferry® Pool House a popular choice for backyard retreats. Add our large window with countertop to create a poolside bar.

Shown: 10×16 Reeds Ferry® Pool House with flint gray vinyl siding and dark gray architectural shingles. Optional arched glass on doors and copper rooftop cupola.

Reputations are determined by the consumer. We urge you to visit the top review sites to read what our customers have to say.

Reeds Ferry builds a higher quality shed than those found at the home-improvement box-store. Better materials, superior construction.

We install every shed. Unlike our competitors we don’t employ subcontractors. 100% of the work is performed by our staff.

If you own a Reeds Ferry Shed, you got a good one. It’s been our promise for 6-decades, and we back it with a 30-year warranty.

Today consumers in New England recognize the name Reeds Ferry® as their guarantee of superior service and quality. If you want more than a typical storage shed, a building that will add to the value and appearance of your property, then look for the name tag. If it says Reeds Ferry®, you got a good one.

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