Heart-stopping moment YouTuber’s dog nearly eaten by sharks before dramatic rescue

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This is the excruciating moment an Australian YouTuber had to save his dog from the jaws of sharks when his pet jumped into the deadly waters.

Brodie Moss was filming with his camera crew when pup Stryda leaped into the ocean to cool off.

She had no idea of the dangers as her owner was busy working – and Brodie was forced to make a big decision.

He saved his dog from the waiting sharks before his quick-thinking team did all they could to fend off the killer creatures as he eventually made it to safety.

The star, known to his fans as Youngbloods , told his million subscribers about the terrible moment he feared he would lose his best friend.

“The sharks began to rise off the bottom of the ocean, their fins were down, and they were thrashing around,” he explained.

“Bronzies, bull sharks, lemon sharks, and they all just started stirring up at the bottom.

“The sharks are going at Stryda, so I grabbed her and she’s clawing at my back, holding onto the back of me as I was swimming for the boat.

“The boys behind me were literally fending off sharks.”

Wild Brodie spends a lot of his time exploring the remote coasts of Australia and has built up a huge following.

He recently quit his job as an electrician to focus on making videos and hasn’t looked back since.

“I started making enough money to cover my bills and in the end, my full-time job as an electrician was getting in the way of being a YouTuber,” he said.

“I was pretty narrow-minded, I thought that I had to have a full-time job, that there wasn’t much money to make on social media.”

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