Have you ever wondered what it costs to ship kayaks internationally?

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Shipping Kayaks Internationally

This helpful blog was requested to be written by Colorado Kayak Supply e-commerce General Manager Dave Kloberdanz. Dave asserts that a lot of CKS customers ask about shipping internationally and offered his experience.

  • Australia
  • Japan
  • New Zealand
  • Canada
  • South Korea

Q: Which freight forwarder is best for shipping a kayak Internationally?

A: CKS ships kayaks (and other over-sized packages) through Bongo International. To figure out the cost of International shipping through BONGO, you’ll need to make a few calculations. Let’s break it down into understandable terms:

Calculating International Freight Costs for Your Kayak:

Step 1- Calculate the “dimensional weight” of your kayak

  • Dimensional weight = (height x length x width)/139
  • EX. 120” x 16” X 28” = 53,760/139 = 387 LBS DIMENSIONAL WEIGHT.
  • You may also use the DHL Dimensional Weight Calculator. Just plug in the dimensions to their auto calculator.

Step 2-Calculate Your Kayak Shipping Rate

  • Go to Bongo Shipping Rates.
  • Click “Select a country” and choose your country
  • Click “Calculate”
  • Enter the dimensional weight

Discount Note (advantage vs. classic customers):

Bongo Advantage Customers get a preferred shipping rate. In the case of a kayak shipping to Australia the price is almost $300 less than classic and worth signing up to become an advantage customer. Click here to read more about the Bongo Advantage Customer Signup Page. What is an “Advantage Customer?” We called Bongo to answer this question. Below is their response.

Advantage membership is $15/mth with a three-month minimum commitment. This membership also includes mail forwarding. With this membership we weigh and measure the actual items, cut down boxes, consolidate goods, remove packing materials, etc. to save on shipping costs. You are allowed up to five delivery addresses and are only allowed to ship internationally. It’s cheaper to pay their $15/month for three months vs. the additional $300 in shipping costs.

What is a “classic” customer?

Conclusion: To save shipping you can join as an Advantage member at $15/month for minimum of 3 months equaling $15. And save up to $300 in shipping.Discounted Shipping Rates1 Delivery DestinationConsolidation ServicesPersonal Shopping ServicesImaging ServicesNo Monthly ChargesPay one time $5 fee.

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