Harbor Freight to Launch new Premium ICON Tools and Storage in 2019

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Over at Harbor Freight, they came out with 2 ICON torque wrenches in 2018. For 2019, they’re promising to launch an entire new line of ICON professional hand tools and tool cabinets.

Here are some of the standout claims that Harbor Freight says customers are in store for:


Designed for the master mechanic that demands top quality.

ICON is a full line of premium hand tools, storage, and automotive specialty tools.

All ICON products feature precision craftsmanship for the professional – at an unbeatable value.

ICON storage is built to last… Invest in the best with ICON.

ICON specialty tools feature premium components designed for precision, performance, and durability.

From torque wrenches to ratchets and wrenches, ICON hand tools are built with premium quality and precision.

When you need a tool you can count on, reach for ICON.

Those are some very big claims.

A little over 15 months ago, I spoke with Harbor Freight about their Hercules pro cordless power tools, and I was optimistic. I believed that they were looking to develop cordless power tools to compete with pro tool brands. (And I still do, or at least I believe that they were aiming to compete with very specific pro cordless power tool offerings.)

I went out and bought some of the Hercules tools, intending to review them, but it fell way down on my to-do list. Where were the new Hercules tools that were supposed to be coming out? The disappointment took some wind out of my sails.

A new Harbor Freight Hercules miter saw came out in March.

There are indicators that more Hercules tools are coming out, but there aren’t any new listings on Harbor Freight’s website.

So, because of my emotional up and down about the Hercules tool family, I won’t let myself get excited about the new ICON line of hand tools and storage.

Harbor Freight has been very strategic with their product development, and has come out with some very popular tools that many customers do feel match up with or even best competing offerings.

It will be interesting to see how their upcoming ICON tools and storage hold up to tool truck brands, and other brands that master mechanics trust to handle their tool needs, wants, and demands.

Let’s assume that the new ICON tools will be exactly as advertised – premium automotive hand tool and storage offerings at value pricing. How vast will the product lineup be?

Okay, I’m going to allow myself to be a little optimistic. It would be nice to be able to drive down to a local Harbor Freight for a more premium hand tool instead of having to wait a few days for an online order. But, if I allow myself to take Harbor Freight’s ICON hand tool claims at face value, I’m still left wondering – will they have the tool(s) I need, or will the ICON product family focus on the basics I already have or don’t need?

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