13 Best Gifts For Kayakers – Gift Ideas Every Paddler Will Love!

Gifts For Kayakers

Wouldn't it be great if you can give a kayaker a gift that they will truly appreciate?

Right now, kayaking is considerably one of the most popular outdoor activities. In the United States alone, there are already millions of people who are engaging in such kind of sport. Therefore, there's a good chance that a friend or acquaintance of yours is into this.


Whether it is their birthday or a special holiday is coming, giving the best gifts for kayakers will surely draw a smile on my face. I remember the time when one of my cousins gave me a Driftsun Rover 220 during the Christmas of 2017. I could not get over it for several days. It was one of the highlights of my life, to be honest.

Of course, you can always do the same thing to anyone who loves kayaking. If you have a loved one that loves to paddle, there are certain gifts that you give to them. Surely, things don't have to be expensive. There are numerous kayaking gears and accessories that when given through a surprise, will make one kayaker happy. Here are some of them.

Oru Kayak Foldable Kayak - Stable, Durable, Lightweight Folding Kayaks for Adults and Youth - Lake, River, and Ocean Kayaks - Perfect Outdoor Fun Boat for Fishing, Travel, and Adventure

A kayak is definitely the best thing that you can give to a kayaker. Regardless of the type and quality, a kayak can certainly make a paddler jump out of joy. Right now, there are a lot of choices that you have for a kayak. You can go with those fiberglass or carbon kayaks if you have an unlimited stream of money. If you are tight on budget, you can opt for polyethylene and inflatable units.

In this part, I will recommend the Oru Kayak Foldable Kayak. It is an excellent gift for those people who are very enthusiastic about the sport. It is an inflatable kayak, but it has a construction that makes it impervious to punctures and tears. Moreover, it is quick to deflate and inflate. It is a perfect choice for short excursions because of its foldable design. You will never have to worry about your cargo space.

Accordingly, this kayak has enough durability that it has surpassed the requirements of the United States Coast Guard for recreational vehicles. Any kayaker who would have this boat will surely a fine time in the waters.

Do you want to explore other kayaks? Here are some recommendations

Every kayaker out there is aspiring to become the best in what they do. There are a lot of Youtube videos out there that show the skills and finesse of various paddlers. Any kayaker would want to be that good. Even I desired to acquire such impeccable handling skills.

Fortunately, kayaking is not in-born skill. It is something that you have to practice and learn until such time you can get the ropes. Of course, nothing comes easy when it comes to this. The only good news here is that there are several guides and books that can help you fully understand the fundamentals and kayaking. There are two books that I found that quite excel in teaching newbies how to paddle a kayak.

The first one is the "Recreational Kayaking: The Ultimate Guide" by Ken Whiting. This book speaks about various stuff that anyone should know whenever they want to do recreational kayaking. It is a user-friendly guide that can answer all your questions about kayaking and boating in general. It also teaches you how to be safe on the water, too.

The next book is the "Art of Kayaking" by Nigel Foster. This one is suitable for individuals who want to advance and hone their skills in paddling. All of the vital stuff that you need to learn about kayaking is found on the pages of this book. If you know someone that wants to have top-tier capabilities in handling a kayak, give this book to them!

Gonex 60L Waterproof Duffel, Durable Travel Dry Duffle Bag for Kayaking, Boating, Rafting, Fishing, Outdoor Adventure

A dry bag may not be the fanciest gift that you can give to a kayaker. However, it is has a lot of uses that can undoubtedly provide convenience to them. Having a dry bag is more than a convenient way of keeping your utilities safe. It ensures that all of your sensitive items will not get wet throughout your paddling session. From your smartphone, car keys, down to your wallet, all of them can fit on a dry bag.

There are great options for a dry bag. One of these is the Gonex 60L Waterproof Duffel. I chose this unit as a perfect gift item for kayakers because of its unique design. It is pretty rare these days to get a duffel bag that has exceptional waterproofing. This one also possesses a storage capacity that is far greater than other standard dry bags.

Furthermore, there are a lot of ergonomics that can be utilized in this dry bag. It is fully organized so that all of your items will come into place. It is durable and can be transported easily. Any kayaker would love to have this on their kayaking checklist.

Here are some other examples of great dry bags for kayaking.

Mountain Graphics Sea Kayaking T-Shirt

Apparels are definitely one of the best gifts for kayakers. It is cheap, simple, but the impact that it can produce is something that is worth looking forward to. Fortunately, it is not difficult to find a great T-shirt for kayaking. We have a lot of them now. There are different designs and colors to choose from.

At this point, I think that you can already gauge by yourself as to what kind of shirt your recipient likes. The one that I recommended on this part is an example of what a good kayak T-shirt looks like. If you get this item, there's no regret on your part. After all, the shirt has high-quality print. The quality of the tee is outstanding as well. I can feel that it is not cheaply made.

Of course, I know all these things because I have this tee. I purchased it last year and still works just fine up to now!

I know a lot of kayakers who enjoy night expeditions. They love to sprawl in the dark because it is cool and there's a lot of interesting stuff going on in the dark. Of course, this is not something that you can be spooky.

Some kayakers love to kayak at night to fish. This usually happens when it is the summer season. The odds of having a successful catch is higher between dusk and dawn. Most game fish are active during this period. There's a lot of challenges when it comes to night fishing. I believe that you can't overcome the odds if you don't have a reliable source of light with you.

At this point, you have to discard flashlight or lamps. Unless you have a platform in your boat where you can attach them, they are quite impractical. After all, kayak fishing requires you to use both hands. Fortunately, there are numerous headlamps that are available out there. They are the best choice when it comes to activities that need the service of your two hands.

In kayaking and boating applications, make sure that the headlamp you get has high lumens. The brightness should be adjustable as well. Of course, don't forget that the headlamp should have waterproofing as well. The Cobiz Headlamp and DanForce Headlamp are prime examples of high-quality headlamps that are worth giving to your friends and family.

Complete Grapnel Anchor System

You can say that a kayak anchor is not the most conventional type of gift that you can give to a kayaker. But before you scratch it out in your options, let me remind you about this one thing.

Kayaks have to stall as well. There are certain points in your expedition where you need to stay in one place. A good example would be fishing. Can you fish properly if your kayak moves a lot? When you are relaxing in the waters and enjoying the scenery, the last thing that you want is a kayak that drifts a lot. An anchor system can prevent this problem from happening.

With an anchor system, you can lock your boat in place. It is a similar mechanism that you can see on large fishing and commercial vessels. A serious kayaker would love to have this accessory on his/ her boat. It can give them an extra layer of convenience that they can stop their boat anytime they want.

You can find a lot of anchor systems for kayaks on the market today. However, I find the Airhead Complete Grapnel Anchor System an excellent choice. It comes with complete accessories so that you can use it immediately. You can trust its durability, too!

FUGOO Style XL- Portable Rugged Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker 35 Hrs Battery Life with Built in Speakerphone (Sand/Black)

Just like I said earlier, the best gifts for kayakers should not be grand at expensive at all. Even the simplest amenities that are useful to their endeavor can make them happy already.

A waterproof Bluetooth speaker can be a handy company for them. Kayaking would be a lot of fun when there's music accompanying you. Recreational and touring activities are more fun if you can groove to your favorite hits in your Spotify playlist, right?

However, some people are reluctant in having this kind of pleasure. Specifically, they are daunted by the idea of bringing electronic devices in their water adventures. Well, I understand such kind of hesitation. But what if I tell you that there are speakers that are 100% waterproof?

An excellent example of this is the FUGOO Style XL- Portable Rugged Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. The latter is specifically tailored for applications like kayaking and boating. Even if this item gets wet, it will never get damaged. Kayakers would love them definitely. With this Bluetooth speaker, kayaking would be more lively!

Onyx MoveVent Dynamic Paddle Sports Life Jacket

Kayaking is a safe activity. There's no doubt about that. As long as it is practiced safely, there's nothing that you have to fear here. However, you don't want to leave your safety to chance. If you know someone who is just new to this sport, it is better to give them something that could help them in times of emergencies and dangers. A personal floatation device, or PFD, can be an excellent item for this purpose.

A PFD will ensure that a person will remain afloat in the water if ever his/ her kayak sinks or capsizes. It is the ultimate method of ensuring that nobody will get drowned while kayaking or doing other water sports. The mechanism behind a PFD is quite simple, but its effectiveness has saved numerous lives already.

The good thing here is that PFDs are not expensive. You can see a lot of cost-friendly PFDs that possess the right qualities to save someone from sinking in the water. An excellent example of a well-built but affordable PFD is the Onyx MoveVent Dynamic Paddle Sports Life Jacket. It has an exceptional design that provides the correct fit to its user. It locks comfortably in the body to ensure that you can wear it all day!

Here are some other personal floatation devices that you should check out as well.

A bilge pump is an essential amenity for every kayaker out there. Without this item, they would really encounter difficulties in their boat. Keep in mind that water is an inevitable element whenever you are kayaking. One way or another, your boat will be invaded by water. Of course, you can treat this as a normal occurrence. However, you should never let the water accumulate. Otherwise, it will cause hazards.

One of the solutions to address this problem is by having a bilge pump for kayaks. Many kayakers have this item on their cockpit to ensure that they are ready whenever water fills their boat. The purpose of the bilge pump is pretty simple. It pumps out the water out from your vessel so that the latter will not use its buoyancy. A kayak remains water-free as long this utility is present.

If you hand this item to kayakers, you can create happiness within them. You are also helping them ensure their boating sessions convenient and safe. A bilge pump is definitely one of the best gifts for kayakers.

Kindly check out the Seattle Sports Breakaway and Seattle Sports Paddlers. These two are among the most highly-rated pumps in the market right now. If you want to check out other great bilge pumps, you can refer to this list.

Check out some other fantastic bilge pumps here!

Genned Monocular Telescope, Compact Monocular, 16x52 Waterproof Dual Focus Monocular Telescope for Bird Watching Hunting Camping Travelling Wildlife Secenery

Kayaking can also be enjoyed by sight-seeing. There's no doubt about that. When you venture in places where there is a lot of natural wildlife and scenery, the best thing that you have to do is stop and witness all the grandeur that encircles you. It is one of the reasons why kayaking has a growing popularity. Aside from being an active and healthy sport, it is also a great venue to see everything that is beautiful.

A kayaker will spend half of his/ her time in the water exploring these natural wonders. Fortunately, you can always make the experience better. You can always give them a monocular telescope. Just as its name suggests, this type of telescope has a single tube design. It is an exceptional tool in focusing on particular objects and landmarks. With this device, a kayaker can do birdwatching and wildlife sight-seeing.

You can opt for the Genned Monocular Telescope as one of your primary choices for this particular gear. This one features exceptional ergonomics and user-friendly controls. It is perfect for kayakers who want to maintain convenience all the time.

Coleman FreeFlow AUTOSEAL Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Kayaking is a tiresome activity. Part of the enjoyment is the exhaustion that a kayaker can feel. If a kayaker doesn't have means to recuperate his strength and revitalize his/ her energy, this sport will prove to be tiresome.

Bringing energy bars and foods are among the most effective solutions for this. However, quenching your thirst through sipping cold water is definitely a mesmerizing idea. Water bottles are always useful in the life of kayakers. After all, they cannot just drink the water that surrounds them. Doing such is quite deleterious to your health. Instead, they need to bring water with them to ensure their safety.

The Coleman FreeFlow AUTOSEAL Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle is a good choice here. This gift item features all the ergonomics that are essential for outdoor water bottles. It has a rugged construction and impressive insulation. It can keep water cold for more than a day. Moreover, it has a leak-proof construction, too. However, the best-selling point of this item is its price. Believe it or not, this gear is not expensive! It is a perfect gift choice!

CreekKooler - Outdoor Insulated Floating Cooler - 30 Quart

Coolers are also a pivotal component in kayaking. Extensive paddling sessions will require them. It is on these coolers where you are going to store your food items and beverages so that they can remain cool and fresh. You can also put your other items here that you don't want to get wet. They are quite an indispensable addition in a kayaker's arsenal.

However, one of the biggest challenges of having a cooler is the space of your kayak. It is quite difficult to haul them if your boat has a limited room on its cockpit. Fortunately, there's a recent innovation that has addressed this problem.

Allow me to introduce CreekKooler. The latter is a far cry from the conventional coolers that we have nowadays. This one has a unique design that allows you to tow it in your boat. You don't have to worry anymore if your kayak has a compact construction. Just tie it in the back of your kayak, and it will follow you all the way! Isn't that an impressive feat?

Wilderness Systems Heavy Duty Kayak Cart - Flat-Free Wheels

Don't ever think that kayaks just magically appear in the waters. Before they reach lakes, rivers, or oceans, they have been transported by land. If you have a vehicle and your destination is just near, carrying the kayak would not be a problem. However, if the launch area is quite distant, you need to muscle your way out.

A standard kayak does not weigh less than a hundred pounds. It is only valid if you have an inflatable unit. Other than that, you have to realize that this item is heavy. Can you imagine the difficulties that a kayaker has to experience before he/ she can paddle? Well, if you have this kind of empathy, why not give a kayaker something that as useful as the kayak cart. This item alone can relieve you from the problem of lifting your kayak manually.

Luckily, there are numerous types of kayak carts to choose from. A fine example is the Wilderness Systems Heavy Duty Kayak Cart. This unit has won in the 2018 Paddling Magazine as the best kayak cart for transporting and launching. This item is engineered to withstand the heaviest of kayaks out there. It has an industrial-grade construction, after all.

Investing in this kayak cart as a gift will never be a regrettable move. The recipient of this gift will be thankful to you for the rest of your life!

Bottom Line

These are some of the best gifts for kayakers that you can choose to buy. Any of them are excellent amenities that can help a paddler enjoy more of his/ her favorite hobby. Regardless of their preferences, any of these items are quite the perfect gift ideas! Make sure that in the next gift-giving season, you can hand one of these items on someone who enjoys kayaking.

That's it for now. If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below!

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