Get New Pinup-Style Skins for Your World War II Tanks!

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Look good and dominate your matches while watching your opponents turn green with envy.

Ready to stand out in battle and on the MVP screen? Then leave it to these ladies to bring out the true colors of your World War II vehicles!

Get these new Pinup-Style Skins for the M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo and TOG II* in their respective APPEARANCE tabs or in limited-time bundles.

TOG II* Olivia Skin

M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo Lady Luck Skin

You can acquire them individually (either in the Store or their respective reels) or with the Eliška Skin for the Škoda T 50!

More details below.

Pinup Bundles

Enjoy 35% off on either ALL the Pinup Skins together, or on the legendary TOG II* along with its exclusive Olivia Skin. This is the best way to get all of them at once, or with an associated tank.

Note: If you already own any of the Skins in a bundle, you’ll be refunded its price in Silver. The Skins will continue to be available in their respective reels after the sales.

Pinup Styles Bundle 5,850 Gold 35% Savings
TOG II* Full Pinup Style 4,570 Gold 35% Savings
Sherman Jumbo Pinup Style 3,000 Gold
TOG II* Pinup Style 3,000 Gold
Škoda T 50 Pinup Style 3,000 Gold

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