Gear Roundup: Ammunition and Bullets

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OK, you’ve purchased the fur gun of your dreams and topped it with a high-quality scope — the best you could afford. But all of that is for naught if you feed it substandard ammunition. Even the highest-quality rifles can be finicky when it comes to ammo, and it behooves you to try several options before settling on the one that squeezes every ounce of accuracy from your rifle. Here are four that might put you on the road to better shooting.

Federal Premium Swift Scirocco II

Predator hunters now have another way to extend their effective range — Federal Premium’s new Swift Scirocco II .224 Valkyrie 81-grain ammunition. The bullet’s streamlined design and high ballistic coefficient produces flat trajectories while retaining more velocity and energy downrange. Aided by its proprietary polymer tip, the Scirocco II expands reliably at minimal velocities yet offers high weight retention at close range thanks to a copper jacket that’s bonded to its lead core. The bullet features an advanced secant ogive that maximizes ballistic coefficient.

Grizzly Cartridge Company .30-06 Premium

Most predator hunters agreed that the venerable .30-06 can handle most any big-game task — including stout animals such as wild hogs and black bears. Grizzly Cartridge Co. has built a reputation for producing premium ammunition and bullets and now brings all their expertise to bear on the .30-06, starting with a custom powder blend that is precision matched to the bullet to provide optimal velocity — 2,950 fps in this case. A custom 168-grain VLD bullet provides an optimal blend of weight and design, ensuring it flies truer, travels farther and has enough energy at the terminal end to get the job done. Each round is carefully loaded in the USA under the strictest guidelines.

HSM Ammunition Tipping Point

HSM’s Tipping Point ammunition combines match grade accuracy with extreme terminal results — sure to be a winner with predator hunters. Using only the very best cases, primers and powder and a premium hunting bullet from Sierra Bullets, HSM painstakingly formulated the correct powder charge to assure all four components achieve maximum accuracy and performance for each caliber. Tipping Point is available in nine calibers: .243 Win., 6mm Creedmoor, 6.5mm Creedmoor, .270 Win., 7mm-08 Rem., 7mm Rem. Mag., .308 Win., .30-06 Springfield and .300 Win. Mag.

Wilson Combat Speer Ham’r Hot-Core

Loaded with the exclusive Speer 130-grain Ham’r Hot-Core bullet, this is the most field-tested and best-selling load Wilson Combat offers — used to harvest thousands of wild hogs, dozens of whitetail deer and numerous other large game animals. With a near ideal combination of velocity and bullet weight this load has a muzzle velocity of 2,510 fps and generates 1,819 foot-pounds of energy at the muzzle when tested from an 18-inch barrel. In addition to hunting, the Ham’r Hot-Core is effective for self-defense/tactical use when controlled expansion and deep penetration are required.

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