Gator Glide Vs. Frog Spit Coating: Which One To Pick?

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It is good to apply thick paint or other liquid coatings toward the bottom of your airboat to make it slick, protective, and smoother on the water. But deciding the right coating for it to use is indeed a tough job because you have to compare several products like Gator Glide and Frog Spit etc., to conclude.

But between these, Gator Glide has a higher reputation in the market, and many boat keepers use its coating chemicals. Frog Spit is not that known.

Even if the coating from Gator Glide comes a little costly, it is better than Frog Spit boat bottom coating because Gator Glide provides higher protection and better slickness and increases the speed of your airboat over the water.

A Quick Comparison Table

Specifications Gator Glide Frog Spit
Fame and name in the market of boaters Highly recommended Not that recommended
Boat Slickness Higher Lower
Thickness It provides better protection to the boat bottom with more thickness It is not that reliable
Drying time after painting It takes almost 20 to 30 minutes Takes more time for almost 2 to 3 hours
Economic Factor Usually, Expensive chemical Cheaper chemical or boat coating
Availability Available at a number of stores and the official Gator Glide website Hardly seen and used by most boaters
Durable over the long run Impressive Not that appealing

Key Differences Between Gator Glide And Frog Spit Coatings

  • Fame And Name In The Market Of Boaters

It is true to believe that only a product recommended and used more by the customers make itself to the end of the competition.

That’s what Gator Glide boat bottom coating is.

A lot of boat keepers tell their stories of having Gator Glide applied at the bottom of their boats, and they seem very happy.

When I dug the internet, I found many people/customers talking about the Gator Glide G2, G4, and other coatings.

However, I didn’t find many people talking about the Frog Spit boat bottom coating. The product or brand is not famous and is rarely used by boat keepers to protect or cover the bottom of their airboats.

In addition, I’ve seen people comparing the Frog Spit with Gator Glide to find which one is better. In that case, Gator Glide wins!

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  • Boat Slickness

That’s what we need when we apply a coating layer on the bottom of an airboat. Because without slickness, it might be hard to load or launch your boats over their standing or parking points.

A boat with excellent slickness makes it easier to lodge and launch the boat smoothly into the water.

Besides, anything that comes in the water, such as stones, wrecks, or other hard surfaces, easily slides into the bottom of the boat. In that way, your boat stays safe even under harsh circumstances.

While looking for better slickness with either coating product, Gator Glide is better than Frog Spit to provide you with this!

  • Thickness

If a coating is itself like water, it won’t be able to protect your boat from the usual wear and tear in the water.

Also, it won’t cover the leak ends or loses spots. Therefore, it’s better to go with the Gator Glide coating as people have recommended it as a thicker coating layer and better than most coatings available in the market.

At the same time, even the Frog Spit is not rated highly. Hence, GG will be better when you need a thick layer of paint beneath your boat to protect it in the water.

  • Drying time after painting

Usually, for a coating layer or paint dryness, it should take minimum time because that’s only when you can go for a second coat.

However, if it takes longer, it is troublemaking because you might also have to complete some other chores.

Gator Glide is probably one of the fastest drying coatings for boat keepers as it takes only 20 to 30 minutes, and you are ready for the next coat.

In contrast, the Frog Spit takes more time, so you’ll have to wait!

  • Economic Factor

With all these benefits, the Gator Glide paint for the boat bottom protection is more expensive than Frog Spit.

You can compare the Quart bottles and get to know each price. But I haven’t found Frog Spit available in many places.

  • Availability

Availability of either product in the market helps you determine which is easy. When you look for the Gator Glide, you can find it easily on their official website and several other stores.

However, Frog Spit cannot be seen in many places, which makes it less available to buy and apply under your boats.

  • Durable Over The Long Run

The coating itself needs to stick harder to keep your boat protected over the long run. Gator Glide products are highly durable when you don’t want to paint the boat bottom weekly.

But Frog Spit may not give you such an extreme level of durability in that regard.

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Which Coating Is For My Boat?

It’s all the way Gator Glide, even if it is a little expensive coating layer beneath your boat. The coating is highly recommended, easily approachable, ensures lasting durability, and gives more benefits than expected.

Eventually, it is better than Frog Spit in all cases.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Gator Glide adds protection to your boat and makes it smoother on the water, automatically increasing the boat’s speed.

Yup, it works on almost all types of boats, such as those made of aluminum, fiberglass, or wood.

G2 is supposed is made 10% Slicker than G4. But G4 is 10% better in providing abrasion resistance!

Gator Glide provides extra and better protection, which means it doesn’t leak at all.

Final Thoughts

Comparing Gator Glide and Frog Spit coatings always make the Gator Glide a winner. The boat bottom coatings from this brand are widely used and recommended; they work better in the long run.

So, you can happily rely on Gator Glide if you don’t have any other option. But suppose coatings like Wetlander, Fog Spit, or Silver Flex change your mind because you’ve experienced them. In that case, there is nothing wrong with your experiment.

Still, Gator Glide is better!

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