*Free* Shipping Sale :: Power Packed Jumbos •Half Bushel• Steamed USA Blue Crabs {6”-7”} [c. 2.5 dozen] Monsters!

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Fill your Plate with JUMBOS!

Large, huge, gargantuan, our latest Blue Crab catch broke Fat Crab Season records. Make your massive feast fitting for the title, “A Truly Delicious USA Fresh Catch!” Pan your eyes over to the JUMBOS. You deserve the meatiest monsters known to bay waters. Why do they receive the name ‘Jumbo?’ Their size and loads of jumbo meat, pulling from the backfins. Get the ruler out and you’ll record lengths 6”-7” point-to-point on the top shell. Jumbos beat the Jimmies and Bays with the most meat. Fill that plate with ease. True crab fans can pick up to 3 oz. of meat from the largest of Blue Crabs!

What’s in your Dip?

Splashing in a pool of butter with a freshly picked jumbo piece tastes salty sweet with a malty butter finishing. A true bay enthusiast knows paprika and peppers, found in JO spice, take the flavor to a delicious level. If you’re feasting on crabs, you already love the taste, but adding some creativity for sauce selections can give your feast some festive themes. Our crew mix up a DELMARVA recipe with apple cider vinegar, brown sugar and bay spices. This sauce plays into a traditional Chesapeake Bay favorite. Try out some other themes. How about Hawaiian with a pineapple peppery mix? Texans opt for a BBQ concoction that takes the blue crab to the Lone Star State. A meal lasts for an hour or two, but a feast can last all day. Mix up a dip that can add some zip to the seventh inning!

Once you open your mind and taste buds to other complements to the blue, you’ll serve crabs with other ethnic choices. Try Italian. Knowing the herbs and spices that traditionally go into the food, it’s easy to get creative.

Italian Herb Dipping Sauce

Get your ingredients together. 1tsp. extra virgin olive oil, 2 tsp. white wine vinegar, 1 tsp. fresh parsley, 1 tsp. fresh oregano, ½ tsp. fresh basil, ¼ tsp. black pepper, ¼ tsp. Old Bay.

Keep it Simple. In a bowl, whisk olive oil and vinegar as you slowly add the herbs and spices. Thoroughly combine.

Surprise your Guests. You may even want to give them a hint with toasted garlic butter crostini and a Caesar salad as a starter for the steamed crabs. Pour your dip in butter warmers and enjoy traditionally steamed blue crabs with a sophisticated Italian dipping sauce. Bon Appetit!

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