Free Scholarship Grant: Up-For-Grabs In!

Are you a fan of kayaking or any related water sports?

Do you think that you are running out of cash, and you want an extra venue to support your studies?

Well, you are just on the right spot!

The site is offering a scholarship grant twice a year to every university student in the U.S. A full $2,000-grant will be given to our chosen individual who we deem qualifies best to the requirements we are seeking.

While it sounds surprising that we have this offer, it actually makes sense. After all, we want to promote kayaking as a sport that anyone can enjoy. Even those that are in the academe can find the time and learn it.

We are not exactly seeking brand ambassadors here. All we want is for people to know and love kayaking. It is definitely something that is possible. Most of the people who are enjoying this activity used to be aloof to it. That's a fact. And it is our mission to make similar stories here.

This free scholarship is to attract university students to try kayaking and experience its benefits. It is like hitting two birds with one stone. Through this program, our site is able to help deserving students in the financial aspect of their studies. At the same time, we can also promote the watersport that we truly love!

Our requirements for the scholarship are quite simple. Virtually any students who are studying in every accredited college and university in the United States are qualified to participate in this program.

While it is true that we will accept any applications, our preferences are still those individuals that can prove that they have financial difficulties. Keep in mind that this is still a scholarship, and the biggest gainer here should be those qualified students.

Some of Our Best Resources:

Format Requirements For The Article

Interested individuals must write an article that is based on this keyword: "A complete guide to kayaking for beginners". The content that you are going to write will serve as the biggest basis in our selection process. In previous years, we have seen and read remarkable articles that were submitted to us. We are still looking forward to getting the same pedigree and finesse in the upcoming applications.

  • The article that you need to write doesn't have to be lengthy. A 1,000 to 2,000-word article about the keyword is already enough for us. It doesn't have to superfluous, too. However, we expect that it is comprehensive, informative, and factual.
  • You can talk about your personal experiences (if you have one) in the article. Try to be as creative and engaging as possible. We will not impose a strict editorial guideline, but we would expect that your submissions would be free from grammatical errors and plagiarism. Manual and computerized checking will be done to filter out the good ones from the bad ones.
  • Please minimize the use of passive voices. Make your sentences short and simple. Again, we don’t require excessive use of adjectives. The more comfortable you are in your writings, the easier it is for us to get in sync with your ideas.
  • Don’t forget to use headings. Try to organize your idea, even if you are writing in freestyle!
  • Do you want to cite external resources? Then do so! Just don’t forget to link them in your article.
  • Use the font "Arial" in your article, with a size of 12 and a spacing of none.
  • Each applicant can only pass one entry.

Other Applicant Requirements

Aside from this requirement, we also placed some minimum conditions in this scholarship program. We just want to make sure that you are sincere about this program. We want to help you, and we want your help as well to promote kayaking.

  • We only accept students that are currently enrolled in a university. Even if you are a student but are not enrolled due to various circumstances, we will disqualify you. After all, one of our goals here is to assist financially struggling students. The scholarship grant is meant to alleviate these individuals.
  • In this scholarship grant, we are not looking for any genius. A GPA rating of 3.0 or equivalent in the recent semester is already enough for us. We are a sporting site, so we deem that even the most average university student deserves a shot at our scholarship program. As long as the prior requirements are met, your GPA rating would not bear too much weight.
  • Of course, you are going to provide proof about these requirements that we are seeking from you. Related documents should be attached together with the content that you are going to write. We have indicated our email address below, where you can send all these details.
  • We are not searching for professional kayakers here in this scholarship program. But sure enough, we would really appreciate it if you can offer some insights based on your personal experience with the sport. Furthermore, we are not that strictly limited to kayaking per se. If your experience is more related to canoes, rafts, and other watercraft, then we would still accept them. As long as it can add to the value of your article, you should include it by all means.

So aside from the article that we require, here is the breakdown of the required documents that you need to submit as part of your application:

  • Letter of Intent
  • Transcript of Grades
  • Colored Photography (2x2)
  • Federal Tax Return (Parents of the Applicant)
  • Personal References (At least two)
  • Proof of Residency.

Overall, we just want you to have fun while applying for this scholarship program of KayakNV. Don't feel pressured or anything when writing your article. Just let your thoughts flow, and you will certainly create something useful and share-worthy.


The deadline of submission of entries would be on June 01 2020. Any applications sent after this date will be disqualified.

Of course, we have to remind you that this is not a competition. Therefore, you have to ease your thoughts and just do what you have to do. Either way, we believe that all of our applicants have equal chances in winning.

We always maintain neutral grounds. In our selection process, we stick to our criteria and never to any preferences. If you get selected as our "person", then it is a simple proof that you impressed us the most among all the applicants.

We do hope that through this scholarship, we will be able to help students not to drown with their financial problems. It is our endeavor to extend whatever means that we can to assist deserving students in getting what they want. At the same time, the program is aiming to introduce kayaking as a sport that could benefit anyone.

That's it for now. We are looking forward to your submissions!

All the best of luck!