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Costa sunglasses were invented in 1983 by fishermen who sought to create eyewear that could endure the harsh conditions of a salty sea environment. Formerly Costa Del Mar, Costa has since become the preferred brand for people who spend a lot of time on or near the water, and for good reason: These performance lenses protect your eyes from the harsh glare of full sunlight, and they resist saltwater damage.

Yes! All of Costa’s state-of-the-art sunglass lenses are polarized to help cut glare from reflective surfaces, specifically, water. Whether you opt for polycarbonate or glass lenses, you will enjoy the brand’s top-quality polarization in every pair of Costa sunglasses.

Costa makes 580 lenses: available in glass or polycarbonate as indicated by a G (glass) or P (polycarbonate) after the model number. Glass offers the greatest clarity and resists scratching better than polycarbonate lenses. But polycarbonate lenses are lighter weight, resist impact, and they’re more durable. All Costa sun lenses are 100% polarized and offer 100% UV A/B/C protection, which is why Costa sunglasses are considered some of the best on the planet.

The revolutionary 580 lens contains a polarized film layer within the lens which benefits vision by filtering out yellow light, which typically distorts clarity and contrast, and eradicating haze by blocking blue light. These polarized lenses block 100% of UV rays and enhance red and green shades, resulting in the best definition, color saturation, and the sharpest contrast. Costa 580 lenses are among the most popular for outdoor and water sports enthusiasts.

Costa 580P lenses are made of lightweight polycarbonate, while 580G lenses are made of coated glass. Each lens type will have a ‘P’ or a ‘G’ etched on its surface to delineate its material. 580P lenses are by far more versatile, and durable than their glass counterparts and are a better choice for everyday wear. 580P lenses offer improved impact resistance over 580G lenses and protect your eyes from projectiles. Though some polycarbonate lenses are more likely to scratch than glass lenses, Costa 580P lenses come with a scratch-resistant barrier. Costa 580G lenses are glass lenses constructed with Costa’s LightWave™ technology, providing superior clarity and scratch resistance. This lens is 22% lighter and 20% thinner than the average polarized glass and offers some of the clearest views available on the market.

Costa Trivex Lenses block 100% of harmful UV rays and they’re some of the safest on the market, rivaled only by polycarbonate lenses for their impact resistance. But unlike polycarbonate lenses, which are injection molded, Trivex lenses are cast molded. The cast molding process is much slower than injection molding, resulting in lenses with sharper optics. Glass lenses, while renowned for exceptional clarity, can be heavy and uncomfortable. Trivex lenses are made from an exceptionally clear, lightweight material that you can wear comfortably all day. So with Trivex lenses, you get the crisp vision of glass with the lighter weight and impact resistance of polycarbonate.

Costa offers seven specialized lens tints, including Blue Mirror, Green Mirror, Gray Silver Mirror, Copper Silver Mirror, Sunrise Silver Mirror, Gray, and Copper. Each is created to function optimally depending on light conditions. This is especially important for fishing, where the peak times of day are often dawn or dusk. And there is a big difference in light levels between fishing out on open water in the ocean, for example, and fishing inshore in a stream.

The best lens for bright, full-sun situations on the open water and offshore. Gray base with 10% light transmission. Great for boating and fishing in deep water, or on open reflective water with harsh sun.

Ensures enhanced vision and contrast for fishing inshore and on the flats. Copper base with 10% light transmission. Number one for sight fishing in full sun. Creates high contrast.

A good everyday choice for activities on the water and land. Gray base with 10% light transmission. Perfect for everyday activities. Includes anti-fatigue properties. Great for overcast days. Reduces glare, especially off water.

Well-suited for stream fishing and other environments with varying light. Copper base with 12% light transmission. Excellent for sight fishing and everyday activities. Most versatile lens, even on cloudy days.

A good everyday choice for all-around activities on the water and land. 12% light transmission with natural contrast.

Cuts glare for eye comfort in a variety of situations, from sight fishing to driving. 12% light transmission. A versatile lens that works well even on cloudy days.

Extended wear lens. The perfect tool for dusk and dawn performance. 30% light transmission. A good choice for activities during sunrise and sunset. Provides heightened contrast in low light and overcast conditions.

Costa makes prescription lenses for sunglasses with the 580 lenses. Single-vision prescriptions with a conventional lens shape are available across the entire line of Costa sunglasses. Costa also makes an entire line of eyeglasses, all available with prescription lenses with optional add-ons like Transitions® lenses. Costa prescription frames are perfect for a wide array of activities, sports, and lifestyles.

Yes, authentic Costa replacement lenses are available for all eyewear models. If your lenses are broken, scratched, or otherwise damaged from normal wear and tear and years of faithful service to your eyes, Costa can replace the lenses at an additional cost to you. Reach out to get started ordering new lenses for an existing pair of Costa glasses or sunglasses.

All Costa lenses are, in fact, etched to provide authenticity. The number etched on your lenses will depend on the lens type. The etching will also denote if the lenses are plastic, glass, or Trivex. always sells 100% authentic Costa frames, sourced directly from the manufacturer, guaranteed.

To see if your Costa lenses are glass or plastic, look for the etching in the top corner of your lenses. Glass lenses should be etched 580G (G for glass) and the plastic lenses should be labeled 580P (P for polycarbonate). This etching will not affect your lenses or their durability in any way.

Blue Costa lenses are best for bright, full-sun situations on the open water and offshore, while green lenses help improve contrast for fishing in-shore and on the flats where light tends to be more varied. Blue lenses also have a grey base while green lenses have a copper base. Both colors allow for 10% of light transmission. While they are both great in their own right, Costa’s green lenses still rate as the better choice for versatility.

Costa’s glass lenses, labeled 580G, are scratch-proof. Their polycarbonate lenses, labeled 580P, are scratch-resistant, but not 100% scratch-proof. It is important to remember that any pair of lenses can scratch after years of wear and tear. The brand’s warranty only covers defects of workmanship for up to 12 months after purchase.

All authentic Costa lenses are polarized, including their polycarbonate lenses, labeled 580P.

The best way to clean Costa lenses is to wipe both sides of the lens in a circular motion with a non-scratch microfiber cloth. This method should work for most smudges, dirt, and grime. If your lenses need further cleaning, try soaking them in warm (never hot) water for 30 seconds and then wiping with a microfiber cloth.

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