Flexifoil Hadlow ID Review

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PUSH Kiting Kitesurfing School is in possession of the awesome New Hadlow ID 12m, This is the eagerly awaited “user friendly” version of the Hardcore Hadlow C kite. The Hadlow C kite is my favourite kite on the water for playing with as its so quick, responds so well and relaunches faster than anything else I’ve ever used! The Hadlow ID is now a kite which is something mere mortals can ride, you don’t have to be aaron hadlow to get the best from this, or even that great at kitesurfing. This kite is all about accessible performance. It retained it C shape but with Slashed tips and Supported Bridle to produce a kite that feels great, responds as a C kite should, but has intuitive responsive depower to make it usable for intermidiate kitesurfers right up to advanced freestyle kings like the Hadlow himself.

Flexifoil as a brand produces the best quality kites in the world, This is not just refering to kites that fly smoothly, produce insane lift, respond quickly and are easy to use. I also refer to the build quality, I look at a flexifoil kite and show other people these kites and compared to all other brands flexifoil blows them out of the water. Attention to detail and durability are what a kite needs and what Flexifoil produces, the kites are strengthened in all the right places, reinforced where loads are placed and made from only the highest quality materials found. The Hadlow ID

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