Fishing Rod

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Fishing Rods are two Tools in Raft.

Raft has two different fishing rods:


The Fishing Rods in Raft can be used to catch Fish. The player can throw a hook out into the ocean and wait for the bobber to dip into the ocean, indicating a catch. React in time to a bob will always yield a catch. On rare occasions, other items are picked up with the fishing rod besides Fish. Every time an item is retrieved with the fishing rod, the rod loses a point of durability.

It should be noted that the line doesn’t have to be cast directly into water. The hook does not have collision with any other entities in Raft, which means the player can throw the fishing line from wherever they are. Making use of this fact works well, since the player is shown a tool-tip when a Fish is hooked. As a result, the player should never miss a catch, despite not being able to see the bobber.

Following table lists all items acquirable by fishing, as well as the respective catch rates for the fishing rods.

Item Name Drop Chance Drop Chance
Scrap Mechanic Duck 0.66% 0.68%
Lucky Cat 0.66% 0.68%
Old Shoe 1.63% 1.70%
Candle Bottle 1.63% 1.70%
Raw Salmon 3.29% 10.20%
Raw Catfish 3.29% 10.20%
Raw Mackerel 18.91% 27.21%
Raw Tilapia 18.91% 27.21%
Raw Herring 25.49% 10.20%
Raw Pomfret 25.49% 10.20%

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