Everbilt Hard Outdoor Faucet Cover 1981

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A: Check with your local store. If out of stock more will be on the way

A: It has a lanyard that attaches to the spigot then pull the lanyard and slide the lock forward. Will work on any surface no suction is used. Forms a tight seal

A: This hose bib cover has a foam edge that will seal well on brick or most home exteriors. To secure and tighten the unit, there is a loop that goes around the hose bib handle on the inside and an adjustable sliding fastener on the outside so you can make it nice and snug.

A: Yes performs very well.

A: It hooks to the outside faucet which allows it to be pulled up tight against the brick or siding and sealing it very well.

A: There is an attaching cord. No suction

A: Yes

A: Yes the type of siding shouldn’t matter

A: Yes; the hose that pulls out of the housing mounts to the faucet. And secures up against the house as you pull it tight

A: There us a round rubber ring on the inside, wrap it around the faucet handle then place whole container iver faucet press button on cord and pull it tight against house side

A: Yes, as long as the wall is flat. Be careful if the faucet is free standing on a fence where air can flow through the pickets, if the pipe sticks out of the wall where it allows air to flow through, if there is layered siding and the bib will not be flat along the faucet on all sides.

A: The loop is provided to attach to your faucet to secure the cover.

A: The loop inside goes over the handle of the faucet. This secures the cover to the house siding.

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