EasyTroller Trolling Plate

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The EasyTroller’s Patented Plate Design Helps to Prevent Damage in case of Accidental Acceleration.

Trolling plates are a necessity for many fishermen, but they can be an irritating and expensive accessory to maintain. Experienced anglers know that accidentally accelerating before raising the trolling plate can cause the propeller’s force to bend the plate or break its shear pins. Ironwood Pacific has incorporated an elegant solution to that problem in the EasyTroller Trolling plate. The patented pressure release hinge design helps prevents bending the plate due to accidental acceleration, saving fishermen time and money. Under normal operating conditions, the heavy springs hold the lower portion of the plate rigid. When the pressure on the plate reaches a critical point, before damage to the plate is imminent, the springs will flex, relieving the pressure. Once the throttle has been reduced to trolling speeds again, the plate returns to its normal configuration and is ready to troll again.

How does the EasyTroller work? First, the EasyTroller is mounted to the motor’s cavitation plate. When ready to troll the angler simply shifts the boat into neutral, comes to a stop and lowers the plate by pulling the EasyTroller release rope. Once locked into place the trolling plate will block some of the prop thrust and slow the boat to a 1 to 2 mph trolling speed while allowing the angler to maintain steering control. When finished trolling, the angler can pull the release cord (while still at trolling speed) and accelerate to lock the plate into its horizontal position. In the up position the plate offers very little drag and will offer some of the lift benefits of a hydrofoil fin. For boats that experience a slow hole shot or porpoising the EasyTroller’s optional hydrofoil fins can be added to improve performance.

Designed for 30 HP and up outboards and I/O motors, the EasyTroller will help slow boats to their ideal trolling speeds. Does it work? Just ask Salmon, Trout and Walleye fisherman Greg Sprague: “This thing is built like a tank when compared to the competition. It is easy to install, fool proof, and operates like a gem. I know it will get the job done where other plates have failed.”

The EasyTroller comes in a short model for outboards 30-45HP and a standard model for outboards or outdrives 50 HP and up. Either model can be equipped with optional Hydrofoil Fins. These optional fins are made from anodized aluminum, mount quickly and easily, and can improve planing performance and fuel efficiency. Both models ensure that the trolling fisherman will spend his day cruising for fish on the lake rather than cruising to town for repairs.

The EasyTroller is one of Ironwood Pacific Outdoors’ premium, problem-solving boating accessories. The EasyTroller is made in the USA with tough, marine grade anodized aluminum and stainless steel components.

Many trolling plates will fail under the pressure of accidental acceleration with the plate locked in the down position.

EasyTroller’s patented Pressure release plate allows the lower portion of the plate to flex under extreme pressure, releasing the pressure before the plate is damaged.

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