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Rotomolded Plastic Kayaks, Boats & Other Marine Products

Ready for action. Ready for anything.

Marine and watercraft need to do more than just withstand water and float. Your products need to be manufactured with balance, look, feel and customization in mind. That’s what Dutchland does. We work with our clients to create some of the best kayaks, canoes, boats and other floating products on the planet. Dutchland crafts your rotomolded plastic marine and watercraft products using the highest quality plastic on the market. Then we customize your products with mold-in graphics, colors, textures, foam filing and more.

Featured: NuCanoe, Frontier

NuCanoe fishing kayaks: These highly customizable, ultra-stable kayaks give anglers the ability to fish solo without having to worry about lugging around a heavy boat. And unlike other kayaks, you can securely stand in these kayaks that are manufactured by Dutchland.
“Dutchland is as dedicated to quality as we are. They have been a perfect partner.”
– Blake Young, President of NuCanoe Inc.

Featured: Corcl

Corcl: One of the coolest paddle sport products to come out in recent years, the Corcl combines a kayak, paddle board and a tube into one product. Dutchland helped bring this innovative product to life.
“Dutchland Plastics has been terrific to work with. They took a risk on an unknown quantity and they have been a great partner in this project.”
– Carter Brigham, BrighamFloats, LLC

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Anything they can do, we can do better.

Thinking about having your product made using blow molding, injection molding or thermoforming? Think again! Rotational molding, rotomolding for short, is a highly customizable, cost-effective plastics manufacturing process that delivers comparable results to those other molding techniques, but is ultimately more versatile. Dutchland can make pieces those other companies can’t.

To learn more about custom rotational molding capabilities, contact Dutchland Plastics today.

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