Don’t Wait on Wasps!

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Don’t Wait on Wasps!

Now is the Time to Trap the Queen

Wasps are nothing new. They’re a nuisance, they’re aggressive, and in the case of allergies, can be deadly. So do yourself, and you loved ones a favor and use these tips to keep the wasp swarms at bay this summer.

1. Trap the Queen in the Spring

Understanding the behavior of wasps is crucial to keeping their numbers down. During the winter, the queen is protected in a sheltered space. But in the early spring, it’s finally warm enough for her to venture out. It’s in this time that she is looking for a new site for her nest.

Using a wasp trap can be an incredibly effective and eco-friendly way to prevent major issues all summer. If you trap the queen early enough, you’ll stop an entire nest from starting. But don’t worry, these traps use pheromones, so they won’t hurt our bee friends at all!

2. Soap & Water

Another eco-friendly option for wasp management is soap and water. Some wasp removal experts say that you can handle small hanging nests with a bit of soapy water. Mix 2 tablespoons of dish soap in a spray bottle and fill with water. The soap will clog their spiracles, the pores that they breathe through, and will kill them almost immediately.

3. Use a Decoy Nest

With all the bad buzz that wasps get, they actually do have a very important role in the ecosystem. They are predatory insects, and they feed on pests like aphids, caterpillars, and even West Nile-carrying mosquitoes. So if you’d like to try to scare them away before you take more extreme measures, try this Decoy Hornet’s Nest. It acts as a scarecrow, telling the wasps that a whole nest of their natural predators are near. Many people swear by these; however, they are more to prevent a wasp nest from forming. If you already have wasp nests, you will have to remove them first.

4. As a Last Resort, Use Wasp Spray

Wasp spray is often the tool most turned to when you already have a booming wasp issue. If you choose to go this route, try to go with an eco-friendly option like EcoSmart Wasp & Hornet Killer. Make sure to spray the nests at sunrise or sunset, when they are less active. Soak the nest and try to spray as many insects out as you can, and make sure you have enough spray to finish the job the first time. Here at Bath Garden Center, we offer tips and products to help you grow better, naturally so we always suggest non-toxic methods first!

If you have more questions, feel free to reach out to us!!

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