Do You Have to Wear a Helmet Snowboarding?

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Do You Have to Wear a Helmet Snowboarding?

Snowboard helmets are one of the main pieces of your gear when getting prepared for the slopes. A common question we receive is, “Do you have to wear a helmet snowboarding?” The short answer is, no. You are not required to wear a helmet snowboarding. HOWEVER, you most definitely should wear a helmet snowboarding or skiing!

Do you have to wear a helmet snowboarding?

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Why Do Snowboarders Wear Helmets?


One of the most important and key aspects of a snowboard helmet is the safety component! Helmets were designed to keep skiers and snowboarders safe on the mountain from flying objects to hard falls to collisions and everything in between. Helmets were specifically designed to keep your head and your brain safe!

You Are Not The Only One on the Mountain

Another reason why snowboarders wear helmets is because we are not the only individuals on the mountain. This is such an important statistic to point out because although you may think your skill level does not require a helmet because you believe you are good enough and maybe rarely fall… this does not take into consideration those around you!

Many ski accidents happen because out of control skiers or snowboarders hit others! Therefore, the accident may not even be your own fault but may be another rider’s fault because he/she collided into you!

You cannot control other people’s actions on the slopes, therefore, why not wear a helmet to keep yourself extra safe and cautious?


Some snowboarders (and skiers) wear helmets because they simply like the style and the way they look on them!


Another reason why many snowboarders and skiers wear helmets is due to the visibility component that comes with a helmet. For instance, many helmets come with visors built in! This is a nice feature for those looking for a “built in” goggle and helmet combination.

Additionally, helmets can provide increased visibility because they can keep your goggles in place compared to if you just wore your goggles over top of a beanie! Most helmets were designed with fasteners to keep your goggle strap and goggles in place. This is an awesome feature for those skiing at night time to insure visibility and it’s nice in general in case you take a tumble, your goggles are secure on your helmet and most likely won’t fly off.

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Every Person Falls

As we stated earlier with the safety component of goggles, every person (even the greatest skiers and snowboarders) fall. In order to prevent serious injury, wear a helmet!


Another awesome feature and huge factor why some people wear their snowboard helmets is due to its music capabilities and functions. Many helmets come with speakers so that you can ride down the slopes listening to your favorite songs!

If you already have a beloved snowboard helmet, check to see if it is compatible with bluetooth speakers!

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Helmet Bluetooth and Audio Communication

Many snowboarders wear helmets due to their bluetooth and audio communication abilities. This is awesome for those looking to answer important calls from time to time or for those that need to stay in touch with their buddies on the slopes.

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Warmth is a huge bonus when it comes to wearing a snowboard helmet out on slopes. Helmets not only keep your head and brain safe but they provide a significant amount of warmth to your head too! This is super nice for those extra chilly days out on the mountain or for when its dumping snow out.

You Can Push Your Skills and Get Better

Lastly, another huge reason that skiers and snowboarders alike wear helmets on the slopes is because you can push your skills and strive to get better at the sport.

For instance, Sam continues to try and get better and better at tree skiing. Wearing his helmet not only keeps him extra safe but it is also a comfort factor while on the slopes knowing that he has his helmet on while he is maneuvering through the trees!

Do You Have to Wear a Helmet Snowboarding? Common FAQs:

Snowboarders are not required to wear helmets but definitely should due to safety measures and precautions!

Why do snowboarders not wear helmets?

There are a few reasons why snowboarders do not wear helmets. The main reasons are they do not believe they are comfortable. They may not like the way it looks or the specific style. Lastly, they do not fully grasp the safety component and how a helmet could literally save your life and prevent you from having a severe head injury.

Do most snowboarders wear helmets?

Yes, most snowboarders wear helmets. If you look at professional snowboarders, you will see that most (if not all) wear snowboard helmets. Additionally, if you go to ski resorts around the world… you will see most people wearing helmets.

Do you have to wear a helmet skiing?

The same answer applies for, “Do you have to wear a helmet while snowboarding?” The technical answer is no. BUT you definitely should wear a helmet when skiing.

In fact, when I had just started off skiing and Sam was teaching me the basics… I was convinced that I did not need to buy a helmet yet because I was going slow and typically rode the greens and blues. One icy day, I took a huge spill down the mountain and banged my head on the snow pretty hard… fortunately, I was okay! However, it really freaked me out and we immediately went to one of the helmet stores in the ski village and bought a ski helmet for me!

Please, buy and wear a helmet because you never know when you might take a tumble and you don’t want to take the risk of getting a head injury.

Sam snowboarding with his helmet on.

Conclusion: Do You Have to Wear a Helmet Snowboarding?

Ultimately, you are not required to wear a helmet snowboarding but we seriously cannot recommend it enough. Snowboard helmets keep you safe, stylish, and warm on the slopes.

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