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1985 Grumman Eagle 17’ continued… look at caption on first picture

My friends dad once said to me “Grumman’s are great because they’ll last your entire life, and they’re awful because you’ll have it the rest of your life”. Good luck selling it. 🙂

I mean, its in great shape and you may have the right person come along willing to pay that. But you can get a Kevlar canoe for that price that is much much lighter and faster. Personally I wouldn’t charge more than $500 especially if you want to stir more interest. Where I come from I wouldn’t expect more than $350 for this.

Man you guys have some cheap canoes around…. here that boat in 17′ and the great condition it’s in is worth about 800-1000+. Only the most beaten, oxidized, dented-up, parts-missing ones are going for $3-500

There is one in my city for sale like yours for 1100 bucks canadian. Soo.. go higher dude.

I’m in Ontario. The used canoe market is absolutely insane here right now. I sold my 15 year old swift algonquin in kevlar for $1800 2 weeks ago. It had a patch at the front, and both floatation tanks had a cracks in them that were sealed with bondo. The buyer didn’t even care to look at it, and in fact I saw it back on Kijiji a week later for $2250.

I would start at 800-1200 and work your way down, it’s worth 5 easy, even if it was leaky and dented

Edit:I see where that could be confusing, I meant hypothetically if it was leaky and dented***

Are you saying that because of the model or the condition or both? I have to write a description and if someone says that’s too high I need to know a counter argument

500 should be good for that beaut. I’m selling a 15′ fibreglass canoe to my father in law for 350…

I’d work up from there.

Lol I’m selling this for my father in law too! It’s to help him get the funds for the radiation he is having

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