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I accidentally bought a 5 inch 1 3/8oz whopper plopper. Is there any hope of actual using this on largemouth?

Hell yea man. You’d be surprised the size of bass that will hammer a bait bigger than them.

One time when I was kayaking I found a dead bass floating in the river with another bass stuck head first in it’s mouth. The larger bass was at least 2 lbs and the smaller one wasn’t much smaller than it. I tried to separate them with my paddle but they were pretty stuck together.

Not sure what actually happened, because I don’t want to find out what diseases dead animals floating in the river carry. I always assumed the one bass tried to eat the other but the gills of the victim got stuck like fish do in a net.

Go to a musky sub and ask if bass hit big baits. Bass will eat anything. I’ve had bass hit 12” baits.

Bass don’t give af lol. Saw a bass hit a flip flop once (shoe sandal) that fell in the water and was floating along.

Yep, have bass chase my big muskie baits all the time. I’ve caught red eye on 9″ glide baits. Hell I’ve caught crappie off 6″ glide baits…

I was musky fishing this morning and had a 19.5” largemouth take down the 10” musky fly I was throwing.

I have a friend who is an avid musky fisherman and he catches 4-6lb largemouth on giant lures fairly often. Bass just react to a lure without really sizing it up.

Definitely. I’ve tricked even two pounders into eating the 5 inch spook

Bass are notorious for hitting baits significantly larger than them. I’ve caught a TON of 10 to 15″ bass at night using 13″ worms. I get a TON of small smallies chasing my muskie baits to the kayak in my local river. Missed a potential PB 8lb+ largie off a 2oz muskie spinner back during prespawn (threw the hook on me after 4 jumps since I didn’t get a good hookset).

Depending on where you’re at, I guarantee you’ll catch a few red eye bass on that thing too. If those suckers got to the be the size of muskie, freshwater in North America would be the most dangerous waters on the planet.

Can’t remember who said it but I read a quote once saying that if bass got up to 50lbs you wouldn’t worry about sharks

Unless I’m fishing. Then EVERYONE is safe. Not because I slay bass, but because I can’t even catch my own breath.

Ive caught largemouth on double 10 bladed cowgirls and the 50 size spro rat, which are both at least twice that size. 5″ is nothing for a largemouth. Even small ones will eat that.

Oh yeah. I like the sound of that size the best. I’ve caught plenty of 10-12” bass on that thing. Try to minimize the splash when it hits the water.

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