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The Sentinel 100XP angler fishing kayak maximum weight is 300lbs is it possible to go over by 10-20 lbs really want this kayak as my first but if not possible I will do my best to slim down

No. Keep the weight to 70% of the kayak capacity. https://paddlecamp.com/kayak-weight-limit/. You’ll be miserable so just look for something in the 450-500lbs limit.

Most likely won’t sink on you but you would be riding really low and unsteady in the water and depending on the gear you bring it’d just be more weight on the kayak.

I bought a kayak that I was within 20 lbs of the max weight and it wasn’t a very good experience. I learned that especially for the cheaper kayaks you want some headroom in the weight capacity. They will handle so much better. And by headroom I mean at least 50 lbs. 100 would be better. I ended up spending the money on a pelican angler 120 and even though I have since bought a more expensive kayak I still love it.

Edit: oops it’s the catch 120.

I was watching Fisk and Fooster best duo on YouTube they can always make my day

You need room for gear. It’s not going to handle well either. Is this a choice per price? I’ve always recommended used yaks

Mostly due to price because I work at a sport store and they have this kayak in stock and I can get a 30 percent discount on my birthday and they do have a a website but you can’t order anything online

Used Kayaks where I’m at (Seattle) are over MSRP and they’re ALWAYS firm on price. I’m about to figure out how to get a 77lb tandem kayak that’s also built for solo on my roof rack of my lifted SUV because of these price gougers.

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