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I have a new 1998 Leatherman Wave. Is it worth anything?

I have one and I will say, no matter the worth, keep it. It is my favorite multitool, and a fantastic workhorse.

It’s actually pretty rare, because all of them were used until felt apart. The first gen Wave in many ways more desirable than a Wave+ because of the elegance and slip joint lock mechanism.

I wish I still had mine. It was kicked off the front of a pontoon in an unfortunate moment of fishing related gloating.

It’s worth is what you make of it. I have an old early model before they made it with a bit holder. I’m not a heavy user, still looks decent. With that same leather sheath.

Where do I find the stamp?

Are you the TSA Agent that stole mine? I REALLY wished I kept the leather sheath, it was beautifully broke in.

The seller of these I know got one of his stolen by (no joke) a Finnish police chief iirc. Took it as evidence or something. It was a pretty funny story that I can’t remember right now.

Súper cool. I have one of these somewhere from the mid 90s. I still have my OG one too. It was heavily used but has been retired after a long career to the knife drawer.

It’s worth something and it’s a tool if you are asking is it rare or collectible no just use it for what it was intended

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