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Popped out a freeze plug. How does that even happen? Almost lost my engine because of it.

Well, is it the correct diameter freeze plug? They are generally one time use, if a fresh plug just (popped) out then it be too small.

Yes. It is. Maybe I didn’t rap it far enough. Scary shit tho. I’m always afraid I’ll go too far and the freeze plug falls inside the engine.

They shouldn’t have RTV, use Indian Head or a similar hardening sealer. RTV still allows some movement and can act as a lubricant to let them pop loose.

Rebuilt an entire ford 4.0 SOHC due to blown head gasket that was actually just a fucking freeze plug. Goddamn was I pissed.

Been there. Done that. However in the process found a bent rod. Car was still running with no knocking sounds. Lucky I guess.

Did you install it dry or put something in the hole? Every one I’ve seen that popped while running was installed with RTV. They should be installed dry.

I’ve done this many times always using rtv. This is the first time this happens. Never again.

I mean that’s what they are designed to do, pop out, did it freeze? Or to strong of a rad cap and the engine overheated/boiled.

They are not designed to pop out. They are designed to plug the hole where core sand is removed. That is why they are called core plugs. The fact that they can pop out if the coolant freezes is secondary!

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